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Battle Report: vs 2500p Vampire Counts

Hi everyone!

Back from a summer break from blogging. I havent been idle though, been painting a whole lot I will tell you. Anyway yesterday I played a preparation game against a friend of mine, before a comped tournament in two weeks. I thought I would do a battle chronicler report on this one, as I never really done before. It was easier than I thought to do, but I learned some small stuff to improve til next time, but i hope you will enjoy this one anyhow.

So this was what I brought:

Azhag the Slaughterer
 Goblin Big Boss, Battle Standard Bearer, armour of destiny, GW
Night Goblin Shaman, Extra Level, dispel scroll
5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders, bows
5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders, bows
 30 Orc Big'Uns, shields
40 Night Goblins, spears
20 Night Goblins, bows
1 Troll
 30 Black Orcs, shields, eternal flame
1 Orc Boar Chariot
1 Arachnarok Spider
1 Goblin Rock Lobber
1 Goblin Rock Lobber
1 Mangler Squig

I went up against:

Ghoul king, skabscrath,dragon gem, terrorgheist, aura of dark majesty, potion of strenght
cairn wraith
wightking bsb, sword of antiheroes, dragonhelm, shield, seed of rebirth
 necromancer lvl 2, scroll, ruby ring of ruin
 44 ghouls, ghast
 30 zombies
 5 dire wolves
 5 dire wolves
 7 crypt horrors
 mortis engine

We rolled up a kind of Blood and Glory mission with a 15" deployment. Breaking the opponent and not eing broken gives 600vp in the end of the game.

Azhag: Spirit Leech, Soulblight, Purple Sun

Goblin: Sneaky Stabbin, Gork'll Fix It

Ghoulking: Invocation
Necromancer: Invocation, Vanhels Danse

Deployment, including vanguard

I tried to make a wide front and making it hard for terrorgheists to move around to juicy targets. I wanted him to get stuck in combats were the screams would be ineffective or delay him and land rocks on him and leech the life force from the gheists. I didn't really want the arachnarok that far on the flank, but I needed him to lock down that flank and prevent a flanking maneuver, so it was ok. To get to me, he had to commit, for better or for worse. The vampires got first turn.

Vampires turn 1
He made a full out move with the army. Ghoulking screamed away the chariot and the gheist a troll. Nothing more to say really. Magic was ineffective.

OnG turn 1
I replied in kind, preferring to lock down the ghoulking with goblins and try to shoot/magic the other gheist and then overruning into him. Some spider riders decided they wanted to have a go at the ghoulhorde, but werent totally massacred and fled and later rallied. The direwolves were killed and my big block of goblins clipped the gheist. Magic and shooting both failed completely. My goblin exploded on a 2 dice spell... great, no more dispel scroll for me. Oh well. On another note, the arach and spider riders moved for a flanking maneuver. The mangler however jumped through no less than 5 units doing a good amount of wounds here and there.

Vampires turn 2
The varghulf charged the goblins engaded to the gheist and the engine charged the small goblin unit engaged with the ghoulking. Magic helped the crypt horrors to some better positioning through van hels, all else just shuffled forward some. The necro lost all levels though, which was great for me. Shooting mean all screams on goblins which was ok. The small unit of goblins were of course crushed. My opponent didn't really do the numbers and were hoping to rout the goblins and combo slam my black orcs, but as it were only the engine could as it overran. It really had to at this point else My black orcs would have charged the engine and ghoulking. The big unit of goblins held of course, but taking some casualities. Nets helping out a bit here.

OnG turn 2
Azhag called the waagh! and charged the terrogheist, and the big uns charged the horrors, expecting a standstill ( at least until my arach could come and help ). As you can see my arach and spider riders moved around the horrors. The black orcs were pinned by the engine. The other damaged spider unit rallied in the forest, which turned out to be a fungus forest. Magic saw me trying to power through a big soulblight, but a irresistible dispel saw me off. A rock lobber got through the regen on the ghoulkings terrorgheist but only managed 1 wound. Anyway the boys/horror didn't end up in much. I did 4 wounds something for 4 in return. The mortis engine killed 7 black orcs, but were smashed by flaming s7 attacks in return. The varghulf/terrorgheist were both punished and crumbled through the might of azhag and combat resolution. But only thanks to some wounds taken by the exploding mortis engine. Azhag ovverran as to not getting charged by the ghoulking. If he wanted to scream at azhag, he would have to weather 2 rocks and magic in return. 

Vampires turn 3
The ghoulking preferred to be in combat and duly charged the goblin block, who were 20ish left. He drank his potion of strength to not failing in the inevitable champion challenge. He really should have saved the potion for next turn, when my bsb would take the challenge. Furthermore, he flank charged my azhag with the zombies and necro, to set up  a wight king charge next turn, hoping to killing blow or break me. The direwolves got in the way of the black orcs. Magic saw him power through a big invocation with his lvl.1 by weak winds of magic and poor rolling by me. A little thorn in my side as the zombies grew for azhags combat. Goblins were screamed at in the combat and took a rank off and azhag killed the necromancer in challenge and lost combat but held. 

OnG turn 3
The arachnarok charged the flank of crypt horrors and the black orcs charged the direwolves. Otherwise some shuffling for position with my spider riders. In magic I failed to cast soulblight on the ghoulking thorugh more bad magic rolling. I think Azhag bought his crown of sorcery at the $1 store or something. The direwolves get mashed. The crypt horrors hold even longer. Azhag stomps some zombies and win combat. He cannot reform though as that would take one zombie out of base contact sadly. On another note, the netted ghoulking completely whiffs in the challenge with my goblin bsb. Only a heap of s4 attacks and I had 4++ but still an amazing feat. To add insult to injury my bsb knocked two wounds of the gheist with his great weapon, menaing I won combat by 5! Thanks to his bsb his ghoulking remains standing with one(!) wound left. Thats a well needed bsb.

Vampires turn 4
The wight king charged azhag in the flank. The wraith tried to charge my black orcs, but fail. He couldnt march, as being away from the general so it was a shot at halting my black orcs for a round. Magic saw him getting through invocation again! How hard can it be? Anyway it doesnt do very much, but heals horrors some and brought the king up to full wounds. He screams away some goblins and routs the rest including killing my bsb. Azhag failed to kill the wight king and his wyvern suffered a wound, but the combat res is to much and he flees but doesnt get caught. No zombiespeed here!

OnG turn 4
Azhag rallies. The black orcs charge the zombies and the spider riders flank the wight king who is on one wound left. This time however i get soulblight through on the crypt horrors. I also put a rock on the strigoi putting two wounds on him, but alas not killing him. Soft and precise rocks today I must say. Zombies get creamed but 3 remains. The spider riders dont kill the wight and suffer 2 wounds in return but hold. Crypt horrors roll better this time despite being weakened, but still their numbers are dwindling.

Vampires turn 5
As the wraith is in the way of the ghouls charge arc for my black orcs flank no charges are made. His wraith marches for my lobbas and the ghouls move in position. The strigoi run behind azhag to scream his wyvern away. At last the horrors are slain. The spider riders takes 2 more wounds, but hold again. The 3 zombies are of course slain and my opponents fortitude are thus broken, 300 points to me! The orcs reform wide and facing the ghouls. 

OnG turn 5
Black orcs fails to reach the ghouls and azhag fails stupidity. The plan was to engage the ghouls and soulblight them. My mangler kills my small unit of spiders. The arachnarok moved to intercept the ghoul king from charging azhag and the big uns moved to face wight bsb. This time however another rocks hits the ghoulking and kills him. Yay! The wraith crumbled to dust. In combat the last remaining spider poisoned the wight who failed his save and died, truly a miracle. Who said wolf riders are the better choice now?

Vampires turn 6
With only the ghouls left he charges my orcs and we both inflict a handy number of casualities, but he wins by three and I hold on a 5. Phew!

OnG turn 6 
Lastly I pour everything into the ghouls and soulblight them, but they are not wiped out, since they are just too many left. He gets the lone wolf rider though.

My fortitude was not broken and my most expensive units were left. In addition to this with the comp pack I would get 200 extra victory points due to having a less competitive army.

End result: 18-2 to the orcs

i had some luck at times, but I had less so on other occasions by not doing a lot of wounds with my lobbas and my magic getting dispelled by a puny lvl1 wizard. My opponent put everything on one card and wanted to minimize shooting and death sniping and it didnt pay off. A good game and a good sport.

Thank you for reading!
/ Niclas

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