Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Achievement Based Tournament on Saturday!

Hi Y'all

This weekend me and som mates are going off on a tournament some 400km away on a nice road-trip. The torunament itself is called "Gentlemens Achievements" and is brand new. As the name might suggest, it's a achievement and fair play based tournament with gaming score completely irrelevant for determining the winner. Instead there's a long list of achievements to acquire throughout the games. No restrictions, but some negative achievements for some of the worst stuff. But as noone wins by victory points I think we're set.

It will be a nice change of pace and I think it's good so support new up and coming tournaments in the region. The event will sport around 80 participants split between the two game systems. My list will be my former list, with the addition of snotlings, extra black orcs, extra gobbos, and goblin warboss minus a chariot and orc warboss. Some fun stuff, but also a good opportunity to try out the army as a whole and get to grips with my OnG before the "autumn season" of "regular" warhammer.

It will also give me a chance of trying snotlings without being mocked, ( that much ).

As always, I will try to take pictures. But most of the time I end up taking a bunch of pics the first hour and then getting so caught up in the game and stop taking them.

Oh well. I sure will have a good time this weekend, thats for sure. ( Even better if Sweden beats England on Friday )


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