Friday, April 27, 2012

Pre-Tournament Thoughts

So, tomorrow is showtime. I'm oddly enough all done painting and I did get one game off wednesday. So today is rather calm, which is just lovely. No last minute stress. It gives me time to write here for example.

I think I will be going downtown to make me some really simple display board, mainly for transporting during the event. The tournament itself is attended by around 80 people and we play after the ETC draft #2, for those acquainted with that. It means however that I get 2500 rather than 2400 which is super since I just couldn't get it right for 2400 for some weird reason. However beasts, TK, WE etc got 2600. I don't really like the ETC restrictions for regular singles tournaments like these, I think they are overly complicated and a little skewed from the gaming community here, which of course isn't the ETC guys fault mind you. Anyway OnG are largely uncomped which makes it more fun to make an army list.

Well performance-wise I'm really not sure what to expect. I really have a lot of potential damaga causers in my army, but no single unit that can match up to the top end ones in single combat - read savage orc biguns, bloodletter horde, irongut-star etc. So I'm aware that if my army decides to perform bad across the place, it will just fall apart. However with animosity well taken care of, and good steadfast/stubborn opportunities plus the manglers, chariots and fanatics I believe it makes for an interesting, fun playstyle whit games differing greatly between another.

In the end I really just want to have a good time, I'm not set out to break any system or show off some new never-thought-of build to rule them all. But of course it's more fun when you're on the winning side of things. The tournament is a 5-game 20-0 system. I predict my battle points to be in the span 55-65, but I would love to snag a top 10 placing, which would recuire ~65ish points maybe.

On top of this I will bring my camera to do some documenting work, but we'll see how it pans out.


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