Friday, April 20, 2012

Painted: Arachnarok & Black Orc BSB

Hey guys!

Thought I would share with you some recent progressions of mine. First up, the arachnarok. I was just really having a blast with this one, just painting the colors I felt like. In those cases you really get it done fast might I add.




The Black Orc BSB on boar is just a minor conversion, though effective. With some cutting and green stuff I fittet a standard black orc banner bearer on top of a new boar. He also got a shield and a great weapon on his back. The shield is of course the charmed shield, and is the champion boys shield. It's actually kinda unique for black orcs to be able to switch away the magic shield in combat if he wanted to preserve the 2+ charm for later, and rather go with the great weapon instead. Well I think he turned out fine. I also just went to town on the banner, in the end going for a giant squig motif.

Well enjoy. And feel free to comment and ask questions.



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