Tuesday, March 27, 2012

List Pondering - Swedish Nationals

Well hi there.

Been milling over some different army setups for the Swedish Nationals here in late April. Due to the tournament ripping restrictions etc. directly from ETC the army have had some changing due to draft #1 & now draft #2.
Well, this is what I have in mind at the moment. Of course there will be some playtesting.

The list are as follows:

  • Orc Warboss General - boar, armour of destiny, dawnstone, sword of striking, potion of foolhardiness, shield
  • Orc Great Shaman - lvl.4, amulet of preservation, fencers blades, channeling staff, ironcurse icon
  • Black orc bsb - boar, charmed shield, opal amulet
  • Night goblin shaman - dispel scroll
  • 30 Orc Big'uns - shields, full command, banner of swiftness
  • 40 Night goblins - musician, netters
  • 20 Night goblins - bows
  • 20 Night goblins - bows
  • 5 Spider riders
  • 24 Black orcs - mus, std, banner of flame
  • 4 Trolls
  • 2 Rock Lobbers
  • 2 Mangler squigs
  • Arachnarok
I guess you will say "watch out for cannons", but I think it will do alright. The trolls can act as a screen if it comes to that. I reallly like the option of the warboss waaaghing out and holding up tough units like mournfang etc. The spider should use its movment to put pressure early on, hopefully making the opponent make some tough chices, possibly letting some manglers hit their lines. What I'm worried of though is that my hitty infantry, isn't that hitty. It will be up to the characters to tip the combats.

Well, we'll see! There is still time for change.


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