Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Battle Report: vs 2500p Vampire Counts

Hi everyone!

Back from a summer break from blogging. I havent been idle though, been painting a whole lot I will tell you. Anyway yesterday I played a preparation game against a friend of mine, before a comped tournament in two weeks. I thought I would do a battle chronicler report on this one, as I never really done before. It was easier than I thought to do, but I learned some small stuff to improve til next time, but i hope you will enjoy this one anyhow.

So this was what I brought:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Post Tournament & Summer


As my last post pointed out, me and some mates were to an achievement based tournament last weekend. It was a total blast. Never before have I shouted "YES" when my lvl4 got sucked into the warp, as I got the "sucked into the warp" achievement. It really took the edge of the competiveness as people struggled to get achievements at the same time as tyring to play a good game.

There were three types of players there: The gamers, the in-betweens, the achievers. All in all I think everyone had a good time. I most certainly were an in-betweener as I didn't want the battles to be a complete goof-fest. I actually did meet a eshin skaven army with a "triad" - three assassins, led by a vermin lord and a engineer (the ld5 general). You don't see that very often.

In the aftermath I ended on a 7th place and best in race on battle points and around 10th place in achievements. Exactly where I want to be.

All in all I'm even more tempted to do another unit of OnG, as they are hilarious to play. But, I think I will try to do up a unit of skeletons to paint some different colors and maybe something for the 6th edition release tournament here.

Good times
/ Niclas

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Achievement Based Tournament on Saturday!

Hi Y'all

This weekend me and som mates are going off on a tournament some 400km away on a nice road-trip. The torunament itself is called "Gentlemens Achievements" and is brand new. As the name might suggest, it's a achievement and fair play based tournament with gaming score completely irrelevant for determining the winner. Instead there's a long list of achievements to acquire throughout the games. No restrictions, but some negative achievements for some of the worst stuff. But as noone wins by victory points I think we're set.

It will be a nice change of pace and I think it's good so support new up and coming tournaments in the region. The event will sport around 80 participants split between the two game systems. My list will be my former list, with the addition of snotlings, extra black orcs, extra gobbos, and goblin warboss minus a chariot and orc warboss. Some fun stuff, but also a good opportunity to try out the army as a whole and get to grips with my OnG before the "autumn season" of "regular" warhammer.

It will also give me a chance of trying snotlings without being mocked, ( that much ).

As always, I will try to take pictures. But most of the time I end up taking a bunch of pics the first hour and then getting so caught up in the game and stop taking them.

Oh well. I sure will have a good time this weekend, thats for sure. ( Even better if Sweden beats England on Friday )


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Greenskins Army Shots

Hi everybody!

I took some shots of my OnG army during last torunament, but after fighting with Blogger trying to post the pictures i link you to my flickr. I think the pictures might be too big or something.


Anyway, check it out! 

I'm also happy with the "display"-tray the army is on. I hastily made it from a board and some cloth, but it enhances the army and makes transporting the army soo much easier. So thats the tip o' the day.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

After the Storm - Unit Evaluation

Hi guys!

So the tournament this weekend didn't go so well, resulting from slight mistakes, bad matchups, horrible miscasts/animosity rolls and the like. However, I did get some good play in, especially vs a really tough WoC list. Anyway. I will elaborate later around each game, but first up is a unit evaluation post tournament.
Here goes:

  • Orc Warboss - Grade: B
    • Solid guy. Good save, reliable fighter and stubborn. I really needed the stubborn sometimes vs some gutstars and whatnot. He did however get to pull a little to much during bad matchups and got killed. I really liked him though I need to play more to get more out of him.  
  • Great Shaman  - Grade: A 
    • Getting a good grade, mainly because of his survivability and fightyness. Being able to get stuck in with hard opponents and contribute to combat is great. However, magic got a little bit one dimensional. Agains ogres, the sniper-spells are kinda lame, and foot of gork kinda great, so bar high winds of magic, it often boiled down to just fivedicing the foot. Ere we go is almost required though to make black orcs effective.  
  • Night goblin shaman  - Grade: A 
    • Nice, cheap, supporting caster/scroll caddy. Not much to say, could go alone without getting killed. However, he did not really get much chances of casting and using his lore attribute. Most useful when getting vindictive glare for zapping chaff. 
  • Black Orc bsb  - Grade: B+ 
    • Solid "cheap" bsb who got my guys in check. Of course I didnt roll any animosity for my orcs while I had him, but the result stay the same. 
  • 20 NG archers  - Grade: B 
    • Good cheap drop. Stalled many a chaff and often made their points back by killing sabretusks, wolf riders and the like. 
  • 40 NG spears, nets, 2 fanatics  - Grade: C 
    • The fanatics didnt get to do much really. I guess fanatics is best used in a bunker rather than in afront line unit. The size were actually a little to small for my taste as everyone elses hammer units keeps getting bigger. Next time I will run them 50 man without fanatics (possibly without nets). A goblin boss would be great in here for some medium killing power. 
  • 30 Orc Biguns, shield,  - Grade: C+ 
    • Okay unit. Defensive load out. Ws4 do help out both offensively and defensively. The unit did mostly act as a mobile headquarters for my fighty characters. Did get smashed to pulp a few times by ogres and foot of gorks, but then again so would black orcs. (perhaps not savage orcs though) Not sure the non-frenzy is worth the non-savage type. The unit probably should have been regular orcs or 10 more, to soak up casualties and put up some fight.  
  • 5 Spider Riders  - Grade: B 
    • Decent chaff for core points. I can see the point of having wolf riders instead, but these fight better and quicker than their counterparts, making them better heads up. I like the models, and they get the dirty work done. Maybe one extra unit and loaded with short bows though. 
  • 24 Black Orcs  - Grade: B- 
    • Good, flexible, immune to psych and animosity. Really good place for my shaman, but they should have been 4-6 bodies more I guess. The flaming banner did actually hose me two times, and I'm not sure its even worth taking anymore...
  • 2 Boar Chariots  - Grade: C 
    • Good striking power and durability. However, they suck round two of engagements and poor rolling can see these guys just being real bad. I also had trouble getting two in good positions. Would probably keep one as a durable scare-factor. 
  • 1 Troll  - Grade: A+ 
    • Truly, truly fantastic. Durable, quick, immune to psych chaff. After taking charges he sometimes regens and runs away to save his own points. Perfect chaff that don't necessarily give away points? Yes please. The lug can also be handy in a fight. 
  • 2 Mangler squigs  - Grade: C 
    • With the amount of chaff around these days, they saw only some action. The downside is that they always give away their points and they killed some of my own stuff taking serious points away from me late game. Poor rolling no doubt, but nonetheless. They did however shine against mournfangs and did save my characters and arach from shooting due to their immense scare factor. 
  • 2 Rock Lobbas  - Grade: B 
    • Solid. Do what they said they'll do. Killed hard to reach targets like hellcannons, ironblasters, rock lobbas or whittled at infantry. I reckon I will keep two of these in my army, not wanting anymore artillery, but cant be without some.  
  • Arachnarok  - Grade: A 
    • Pointsy. But fast and tough. Put early stress on opponents and killed a staggering amount of hard targets and bunkers. Its low ld makes it unreliable on the flanks against hard targets and poor rolling. A negative for s5 meaning it really doesnt want to help out against real elite infantry. But as it excels in harassing support units it really doesnt need to. The swiftstride rule is golden, meaning it almost never let me down on standard charge ranges, as the giant often do.
A long list, but a necessary one. My list will need some adjustment to cope with the local meta ( read ogre-fever ) and me needing to learn the strengths and weaknesses of it. Hope it makes for a good read.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Pre-Tournament Thoughts

So, tomorrow is showtime. I'm oddly enough all done painting and I did get one game off wednesday. So today is rather calm, which is just lovely. No last minute stress. It gives me time to write here for example.

I think I will be going downtown to make me some really simple display board, mainly for transporting during the event. The tournament itself is attended by around 80 people and we play after the ETC draft #2, for those acquainted with that. It means however that I get 2500 rather than 2400 which is super since I just couldn't get it right for 2400 for some weird reason. However beasts, TK, WE etc got 2600. I don't really like the ETC restrictions for regular singles tournaments like these, I think they are overly complicated and a little skewed from the gaming community here, which of course isn't the ETC guys fault mind you. Anyway OnG are largely uncomped which makes it more fun to make an army list.

Well performance-wise I'm really not sure what to expect. I really have a lot of potential damaga causers in my army, but no single unit that can match up to the top end ones in single combat - read savage orc biguns, bloodletter horde, irongut-star etc. So I'm aware that if my army decides to perform bad across the place, it will just fall apart. However with animosity well taken care of, and good steadfast/stubborn opportunities plus the manglers, chariots and fanatics I believe it makes for an interesting, fun playstyle whit games differing greatly between another.

In the end I really just want to have a good time, I'm not set out to break any system or show off some new never-thought-of build to rule them all. But of course it's more fun when you're on the winning side of things. The tournament is a 5-game 20-0 system. I predict my battle points to be in the span 55-65, but I would love to snag a top 10 placing, which would recuire ~65ish points maybe.

On top of this I will bring my camera to do some documenting work, but we'll see how it pans out.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

List Set for Nationals This Weekend


The nationals is coming closer and participants are now up in the 80's, which is great. Well I have painted like a madman these past weeks and now I have a battleworthy army. As such I won't change the models going in the list, as I need to get some games in. Crazy huh?

Anyways. The list is similar to my earlier post. Here goes.

  • Orc Warboss - boar, sword of striking, armor of destiny, crown of command, shield
  • Orc Great Shaman - lvl. 4, fencers blades, talisman of preservation, channeling staff
  • Black Orc BSB - boar, charmed shield
  • Night Goblin Shaman - scroll
  • 39 Night Goblins - nets, 2 fanatics
  • 5 Spider Riders
  • 20 Night goblins - bows
  • 30 Orc Biguns - standard, musician, shields
  • 23 Black Orcs - standard, musician, shields, Banner of Eternal Flame
  • Orc Chariot
  • Orc Chariot
  • 1 Troll
  • Arachnarok
  • Rock Lobber
  • Rock Lobber
  • Mangler Squig
  • Mangler Squig
I'm excited, now that the army is all done and eager to see how it plays. Though to be honest I haven't been playing nearly enough with this army, so lets hope I don't blow it.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Painted: Arachnarok & Black Orc BSB

Hey guys!

Thought I would share with you some recent progressions of mine. First up, the arachnarok. I was just really having a blast with this one, just painting the colors I felt like. In those cases you really get it done fast might I add.




The Black Orc BSB on boar is just a minor conversion, though effective. With some cutting and green stuff I fittet a standard black orc banner bearer on top of a new boar. He also got a shield and a great weapon on his back. The shield is of course the charmed shield, and is the champion boys shield. It's actually kinda unique for black orcs to be able to switch away the magic shield in combat if he wanted to preserve the 2+ charm for later, and rather go with the great weapon instead. Well I think he turned out fine. I also just went to town on the banner, in the end going for a giant squig motif.

Well enjoy. And feel free to comment and ask questions.



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

List Pondering - Swedish Nationals

Well hi there.

Been milling over some different army setups for the Swedish Nationals here in late April. Due to the tournament ripping restrictions etc. directly from ETC the army have had some changing due to draft #1 & now draft #2.
Well, this is what I have in mind at the moment. Of course there will be some playtesting.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The times are a changing - a blog update

Hi everybody.

You would probably have noticed by now that my blogging has gone down. Though Twitter is a big factor in this ( so easy! ), my motivation has dropped on this blog largely because I felt it was a skaven project. And I'm sad to say that I no longer own my skaven. The reasons for dropping out on my rat friends is another story but things are what they are.

Anyway. Do not despair! I've decided to refresh my blogging. As my twitter followers might know, my fantasy project is now my "old" Orcs & Goblins. I feel they are hilarous to play, from both sides of the table. So they will be the new focus of this site.

Of course some blogs will still be WHFB related in general as they were before.

From the underhanded backstabbing skaven to the tricksy trappin' OnG.

More to come!