Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stiff Competition

Well hi again.

Participated in the tournament I mentioned earlier here in my city. 70 people showed up and I had a great time, even though my results were a little lacklustre. The list I ran went as follows:

Crappy pic, I know. Soon to come in good quality.

  • Warlord - bonebreaker, dragonhelm, luckstone, shield, sword of might
  • Grey seer - dispel scroll
  • Plague priest - furnace, flail
  • bsb - shield
  • engineer, doomrocket 
  • 28 clanrats, MB, shield
  • 40 slaves, MC, shield
  • 40 slaves, MC, shield
  • 30 stormvermin, MB, storm banner
  • 5 giant rats 
  • 25 Plague monks, MB, flame banner
  • 6 rat ogres, champion, 4 packmasters
  • 2 x Doomwheel
  • Abomination

So, as you can see I went for an fighty army, trying to maximize the storm banner. Well, while the army was really fun to play, the lack of shooting did shine through. Its good to have some shooting to prevent characters leaving their units and saving their points. Here, even a single cannon would be enough of a threat to make the opponent think twice.

The tournament effectively comped away the 13th, so that was a bummer being without. The storm banner also performed poorly. Though the guy who were most disappointing was the warlord. He got defeated an run down by 3 gors, locked in challenges thanks to not doing wounds, ran away on ld 10 and so forth. Actually I played him more as a point denial in my last two games, just because he was obviously not on a roll.

Some tough match-ups an poor rolling left me with two big losses in the first two games. However I did manage to bounce back and win the remaining three. In the end I got 25th place out of 70, and I cannot remember any time I been worse than 20.

To summarize, the army components did quite alright, especially rat ogres which was a new try out, but the army didn't quite work. It got too much in its own way sometimes, and there it would have been better to have two cannons as they always shoot.

Well, it's another tournament next month, with some harsh comp. I'll be back with more reflections on choosing army for that.