Friday, September 9, 2011

Post Tournament Army Thoughts

Hello there.

So this wekkends tournament saw me 9th out of 60 players. It was decent, but I did some errors on my part and had some "bad rolling" preventing me from getting those big wins you need for top placings. Though I must say had really fun games so I'm not disappointed.

OK, so my army had some weird units, namely the 10 SV, the 22 SV and so on. These were not that good for the points, but did help me indirectly giving me better comp and thus better score each game.

I'll consider the overall setup, and mainly, the Verminlord.

The main core for the army is really the cannons and all your disposable bodies. This goes a good way preventing anything steamrolling through your lines. That said, it doesnt guarantee victory as the skaven are
relying on at least some of the hitters getting it right. Amongst those are the abomb, furnace and doomwheel.

This tournament the furnace really powered through, both defensively, holding deathstars up, and rolling over some. Though 20 monks is too little, as two games the furnace were left stranded and unablw to move. So if I were to play with it again I'd think it would be a wise investment with 30 monks. I've hefted the flaming banner for two tournaments now, but to no effect. Is it only the internet and my friends who bring regen? Anyway, thats just 10 points.

As for the rest of the core troops, nothing special were achieved there. Except I've started to like the clanrats. WS3 and 5+/6+ is quite good for the 4,5p you pay. I can see myself expanding my army with another clanrat unit.

I didn't play with any weapon teams this tournament. And I didn't really miss them performance-wise. Though they are a fun and fluffy addition to the skaven army. The main downside is the easy victory points to your opponent.

And at last, the main star: The Verminlord.
I'm split. He did actually do som quite good things, and lets you put pressure with the plague lore early in the game thanks to his move. He did also kill some nasty characters and monsters. That said, he also failed miserably one game, and gave my opponent 500vp. Another game were the dark elves, and he couldn't move in the centerfield because of all the crossbows, somewhat reducing his effectiveness.

In summary, he was immensely fun to play with and do some amazing stuff, stuff that other skaven units can't do. Though I wouldn't recommend him for tournament play, as he is too many points for when you roll bad or the opponent IFs a spear in his face. In a competitive environment you cant afford to bleed points like that.

My thoughts for now...

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