Sunday, September 11, 2011

Looking Ahead: Eshin Joins the Fight!

After playing the tournament last weekend, my sights are now reset for an "almost" uncomped local tournament here with around 60 players. I've finished the 2nd the last two of these tournaments and hope to repeat my achievements. Though, I do want to change it up, as the experience with the Verminlord list learned me, it does keep you from getting bored and it makes you a better player. Great huh? :)

The big boss gets a rest..

What I've had in mind for the next tournament ( which is the 1-2 of Oct by the way ) is to take a step away from the internet lists and go on my gut feeling. I will actually throw out the Abomination and the Furnace - my two hard hitters. Mainly I wanted to loose the Abom, but with only the furnace left as a big target, I will leave it out as well.

Well, WTF? Why does he take away the good stuff? The Abomb will win you games!
Yeah, it could and it certainly has. But when it does, I feel like an ass. Also sometimes it almost auto-dies when some of the armies have a dedicated effective abomb/hydra-killer. So I'm changing it up.

What I will try to do is to create a balanced army in terms of points cost with no real obvious targets. I'm all about stability and I hope to give army that. Sure I will lose out on some hitting power, but engage your targets right and you don't need the biggest hitters. In addition the army specializes in killing monsters, and of course Ogre Kingdoms.

So, I'm giving my plague monks no furnace, nut instead the plague banner for some surprise killy-ness. I also add two units of 10 gutter runners. The tournament caps them att max two units, hence the 10 man strong ones. I believe these could help me to put pressure on the right spots on the field and catch objectives. I also believe that skirmishers is underrated atm and see them as a mobile firebase that can fight. Way more price-effective than weapon teams. I also added a second doomwheel for more d6 wounds shots. Another interesting note is that my bsb gets MR2 to give my grey seer 2++ against spirit leech. I also intend to try out the brass orb, with all the war machines (cauldron, casket, anvil, cannons) and monsters ( Ogres, Hydras ).
Also there's an assassin in there!

Well here's the list. I'll try to get some games with it. Feel free to comment!

  • Grey Seer - Talismans of protection, Dispel Scroll
  • BSB - shield, MR2
  • Engineer - Doomrocket, lvl.1, WE Condenser
  • Engineer - Potion of foolhardiness
  • Engineer - Brass orb
  • Assassin - Potion of strength, Rival hide talisman, Tail weapon
  • 30 Clanrats - FC, shields
  • 40 Slaves - Mus, Ch, shields
  • 40 Slaves - Mus, Ch, shields
  • 30 Stormvermin - FC, Banner of the under-empire
  • 30 Plague monks - Mus, Banner, Plague banner
  • 10 Gutter runners - Poison, Slings
  • 10 Gutter runners - Poison Slings
  • Doomwheel
  • Doomwheel
  • Cannon
  • Cannon

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