Monday, August 8, 2011

Week Report: A Couple of Battles


Last week I had the opportunity to play three games with my comp-tooled list including a verminlord. The opponents armies were also going to the tournament and as such they would suffer under the same "restrictions". As well as a lot of fun, there were some good learning points about the different scenarios, how the different army works and perhaps most of all - how the verminlord would play.

The old classic GW-model, not my cup of tea though..

My army looked as follows. And no, don't even bother on giving advice about including a doomrocket or such good things... I'm painfully aware of their non-existancy in my list. Though I did manage to get away with good comp and include a furnace, abomb, 2xWLC and a doomwheel and a good amount of slaves.

Here goes:

  • Verminlord
  • Warlord, shield
  • Chieftain, bsb, shield
  • Plague priest, furnace, flail, dispel scroll
  • 30 Clanrats, shield, fc
  • 22 Stormvermin, fc, gleaming pennant
  • 10 Stormvermin
  • 41 Slaves, shield, mus
  • 34 Slaves, shield, mus
  • 22 Plague monks, fc
  • 10 Plague monks
  • 5 Globadiers
  • Doomwheel
  • Abomination
  • 2 x Warp lightning cannon
2400 points

The first game was against Vampire counts. He sported a lord on dragon, little Manfred on a abyssal horror, black coach, varghulf, 2 ghoul blocks, a skellie block a bsb, and a vmpire with the helm of command, and some dire wolves and fell bats of course.

We deployed diagonally, me all first then all of his. He then stole the iniative on a 6. This was awkward. I received some charges, but the coach did not manage to contact my verminlord at least ( phew! ).  I countercharged his varghulf with my verminlord but I didn't manage to kill him in two rounds and got coached. So I lost my wizards early, which was a bummer. The pries of course dying in combat with ghouls and bsb. However. My Abomiation ran amok and killed drie wolves overrunning a long way into his fell bats. I then got flanked by hording ghouls. I thought my abomb would be stuck there for a while, but the true nature of unstability showed itself. Between my impact hits, avanlanche of flesh and thunderstomp, and crumble there were nothing left in only one combat. He later proceded to kill the vampire lord who was stack with slaves. The furnace of course destroyed the ghouls, mainly because they crumbled a lot after my charge. Later the stormvermin killed the verghulf and clanrats killed the coach on resolution and then the horror.

The vampires were  wiped. Though betwwen some losses from me and a harsh scoring table, I pulled out a 13-7. I was happy but I would probably have played more defensive with my verminlord. He is to much points to lose. So I did in the later games to good effect.

My opponent did have better comp and the game would have been modified to 12-8. I don't really like the comp system, even though I believe I have managed to work out a decent list for the format.

Well, I just gotta say, man, does the abomb have potential or not! I mean he got countercharged by poisoned horde infantry and me rolling some good dice meant he killed around 20 ghouls/fell bats. A tough day to be unstable...

I really do miss my engineers though. But with less redirector on my opponents parts due to comp would balance this quite even I think. I also miss my weapon teams. Not because of their killyness, but because of their threat factor and fun factor. Though having received a comp penalty, means I'm definitely not taking them as it was a kinda hard decision earlier. Too bad that "bad" and fun choices may get restricted unfairly. Mind you, I'm not blaming the comp people, just the comp in general - I can't imagine the person who can fairly and accurately judge each and every item/unit in each army book.

Well stay tuned for the other two games! I can tell you though that these were also wins, and the Verminlord did improve his game.


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