Monday, August 29, 2011

Tournament Prep

Hi guys. Back from the land of Scots and to reality.

As I've mentioned some posts ago, there's an tournament coming up. A 2400p comped tournament called "Gates of Westridge" now the 3-4rd.

The list are sent in, and the finishing touches are being made to the armies. For me
it's only some 10 man movement trays left, as the Verminlord got done this weekend. I think he turned out better than expected and I can't wait bringing him to the field - as he is generally considered a lousy choice. I prefer the term "competitively challenged" ;)

But no, seriously, I think he can do good stuff, but he could be hard to play with as he is an jack of all trades and sure pays the points for it. Stay under the radar and cast spells then hit fast and hard, to not get stuck in too much. In a units flank or against a wounded monster he is extremely deadly, mind you against a monster he need to kill it or else suffer heavy damage as he is made of wet paper.

So far I've played 5 games with him. He has died only once, and I've won all five games, so I'm confident the army is quite well put together and got quite good comp score.

I've loaded the army with champions in all units, expecting the compfavoured expensive lords. As such a champion will buy you a round of no casualities ( except the champion himself! ) against for example a dragon riding dude.

Well, some thoughts from the hip here, but there you go.


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