Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Game Two: Dark Elves

Ok, so got another game off last week as well. This game was against Dark Elves.

The scenario was battle for the pass with 4 objectives along the long center line. The dark elves sported:
  • Lord w Black dragon
  • lvl. 2 shadow w. ruby ring
  • bsb
  • 3 assassins (!)
  • Big block of warriors
  • Big block of corsairs
  • 18 crossbows
  • hydra
  • 5 harpies
COmp was unkind to dark elves and such he had to throw in the assassins as to fill out points without losing out on comp. He had basically three rather fighty blocks and to monsters with little shooting/magic. Fortunately for me, manbane is rather ineffective against slaves ;)

Anyhow. Both players deployed on the line, except for my cannons who held back, both to pound him with lightning from a safe place as well as actually being able to hold the objectives(!) according to the rules pack. I did of course massively out deploy him. He did do one deployment mistake of deploying his crossbows on one side separated from the rest by a big boulder. This meant they got stranded against slaves and in the end killed by some stormvermin and magic.

Both players round one was quite uneventful. He put on the pressure though by charging in his hydra to my bigger unit of stormvermin and putting his dragon against my abomb. That way he got away from being struck by the cannons. The hydra stuck for a while and actually losing some wounds against the vermin. Later it got flank charged and run down I believe. It died anyway.

The dragon did struggle against the bomb, but came out victorious but severely battered after two rounds. He  immidieately got charged by some slaves to hold him down. A cannon shot the lord off and the slaves held the dragon until a doomwheel came and helped out.

The furnace did charge the corsairs early. They did hoorenous amounts of damage against the t3 elves and ran down the unit including a sorceress and assassin. Having a big footprint does help a lot with breaking ranks.

It was kinda defensive play around the warriors including bsb with my vermin lord running around the back and trying to cast spells but not to any good effect. The block stuck against clanrats and got rear charged by doomwheel and vermin lord. And even though the doomwheel spectaculary exploded himself during the shooting phase the elves got smashed and killed.

This left the elves wiped and the skaven holding all objectives, while not losing a whole lot. We didnt count points but I would guess a 18-2 win perhaps. That factoring in the rather harsh victory points table.

Skaven ho!

Stay tuned for game 3 against goblins.

PS. I actually did fight the same opponents yesterday and got equally big wins. The vermin lord actually delivers! And of course his sidekicks abomb/doomwheel/cannons ...hrm...