Thursday, July 21, 2011

Storm O' Magic Reflections

Hi everybody!

Played a game of storm of magic this saturday. The forces were roughly:

Erik & Benjamin
4000p Ogre Lingdom
2000p Dark Elves
2000p Goblins

Well not entirely accurate, since there were two emperor dragons looming about in their forces as well...

Me & Marcus
4000p Skaven
4000p Dark Elves
including a Fire dragon and a bonegrinder giant

The armies line up
 Certainly an healthy amount of monsters and wizards on the table. We deployed using the 40k variant; one side first then the other, but giving the first side +2 to start. We felt that deploying alternating would take forever, and it would have. It worked out very fine, and would recommend similiar deployment options for everyone.

I won't go into the details about the game, as this isn't a proper battle report, but I would say that it was fun with some extra stuff and glitter magic extras. I would say that the rules are surely not balanced, but I don't believe they should be either. If all players go in to the game with the right spirit I believe you would all have a fun time. I should also mention that I don't know whether I can accredit everything here to SoM as much as just getting together and taking big armies and bringing some beer. But I believe it helps, it takes the competiveness feelings away, as everyone knows that there are some major randomness involved.

For example: Our first two rounds of magic resulted in 10 power dice in total. And yeah thats 6 1's and 2 2's... Or when my grey seer got up on a fulcrum and miscasted with 2 dice and exploded the fulcrum and everything around it...

In the end we lost all our wizards, meaning we couldn't hold any fulcrums, but we wiped their army, besides the emperor dragon on the fulcrum. Though in retrospect, I think the building rules would stop him from entering but oh well.

And off they go!

Keep in mind though that there's an insane amount of things to keep in your mind with cantrips, catalsyms spells, spinners, mythic artifacts, monsters and everything. To speed up we had magic cards for each wizard. We also declared both our alliances as bad alliances with some tinkering, just to keep trying to roll for skaven/de suspicious ally rule.

We had a good game and I think really storm of magic comes into its own when played larger games for a friendly game. I will certainly play it again.

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