Friday, July 29, 2011

Comped Tournament List

Hi y'all.

Some mates and I have decided to take a trip down to Västerås for a 2400p tournament called "Gates of Westridge". I'm very excited and I'm eager to play some more warhammer. However, they are applying a comp system that I'm not very fond of. At all.

Basically the comp gives you a comp related to your army list according to a offical document. After a game you apply the difference in comp score to your battle points. So a 16-4 win could easily go down to a 10-10 draw if you had a 6 point difference. This opens up to randomness in my opinion as you are heavily dependent on match-ups to be able to win the event.

Also the comp is in a sort of beta version and not at all complete in my opinion. They have a very 7th ed mindset and haven't really accepted the bigger units of 8th. My standard skaven army, which I believe to be good but not as tough and competitive as it could be, wouldn't be allowed at the event, which made me a little bummed. However I've made some changes to comply and the results are:

Grey Seer
 Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation

Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd

Plague Priest
 Flail, Plague Furnace

Warlock Engineer
 Warp-Energy Condenser, Wizard Level 1

Warlock Engineer

20x Clanrats
Shield, Clawleader, Musician, Standard Bearer

34x Skavenslaves
Musician, Shield
40x Skavenslaves
Musician,  Shield

20x Stormvermin
 Fangleader, Gleaming Pennant, Musician, Poisoned Wind Mortar, Standard Bearer

10x Stormvermin

26x Giant Rats, 4x Packmaster, Master Moulder w. Great weapon

10x Plague Monks

20x Plague Monks, Standard Bearer,  Musician

5x Poisoned Wind Globadiers

5x Poisoned Wind Globadiers


Hell Pit Abomination

Warp Lightning Cannon

Warp Lightning Cannon

As you can see, the unit sizes are a bit weird. I actually bring the 10 man plague monks and stormvermin because they give comp bonus and the reduced unit sizes gets less comp mauled. However, I did get in my cannons, wheel, abomb, furnace, and 3 wizards with both a condenser and a scroll. I do believe this army can prevail in this environment, but I feel that the comp actually took focus off the infantry fights and now my army do focus in crap units, avoidance, magic, shooting and monsters. Wasn't that the exact opposite of what the comp was trying to do?

A unit that actually is interesting but boring is the 10 man plague monk unit. Since they cant panic and are quite small. They dont make for a good shooting/magic target and hence my grey seer and/or bsb can stay with them behind my lines. Mind you they can of course bail at any time to a bigger unit.

Anyway I'm looking forward to go on a trip and play some good games of warhammer, and maybe sink a couple of beers with some good friends.

Tally ho!

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