Monday, June 27, 2011

The Warlitter

Still in the wake of the tournament - eager for everything, not committing to anything...

Anyway. I've starting to think about the addition of a warlord to my army. Mainly because a means to fight enemy characters, at least unitl help arrives, but also easing the burden of generalcy on my seer. An item that really sticks out in my opinion is the warlitter.

You sure will...
For 7 points more than 4 stormvermin you get 4 stormvermin carrying your warlord to battle. Still counting as infantry and giving +1 to your save. A really nice bonus to make your warlor a little tougher. Combine this with a dragonhelm, shield and a dawnstone you have a rerollable 2+ save - not bad for a skaven. Optionably you may exchange the dragonhelm for a warpstone armour bouncing back a s4 hit for every save. I'd probably go for the dragonhelm and perhaps some points on a magic weapon and or a ward save.

The main advantage of the litter is ironically it's base size. Standing on a 40mm base you are able to force enemy troopers to strike your warlord, which should be able to cope, instead of your weak, for example, stormvermin. Plus the same stormvermin get to strike from under the warlord meaning you lose no attacks, but your enemy does, in a way. I'm eager to try this character with my stormvermin, giving them the small boost they need to be ablo to fight a much wider range of opponents. Add in a banner of the under-empire fore some s2 hits and you add to the attacks you make without having to go wide, and allowing the enemy to grind away your vermin.

I'll suggest a warlord setup as follows:


warpstone armour
ogre blade

This fella rolls out at about 220 pts and can give the enemy quite a surprise. Stay clear of death magic and killing blow and you're set. With 4 st4 attacks 4 st6 attacks and some 4 autohits he swings the statistics quite a bit in your 5 man wide formation of stormvermin, who could be 30 man and rock the banner of the underempire for 2d6 st2 hits at every unit in contact each combat. This unit would be a fine target for death frenzy as well.

The unit would then pump out:
2d6 s2 hits
19 st4 attacks
6 st 6 attacks
plus some 2-3 s4 hits from the armour.

This is in addition to taking away two rows of enemy attackers who are forced to attack the warlord.

There are of course more defensive ways to play him, but this set-up appeals to me. Doing more than the enemy thinks can be quite good you know.

Of course, you would also have to build a litter...

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