Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tournament Aftermath

HI guys. First off, if you missed some post form my tournament coverage I'll hook you up:

With that in mind, I'll share my thoughts on the tournament and the army list.

Well, in general, 8th ed. is starting to settle. This is evident from players armies adapting to the rules in addition to getting the game flow in order and discovering nuances of the game not seen half a year ago. The only thing I believe people are having trouble with are the magic. We have some local restrictions on magic and they are likely to increase. True there are some have access to more powerful combos and such now in 8th, but others did in 7th ( & 6th! ) as well.

Squeek! Now you are in a crack-crack!

The only thing I think is sad is when an dwarf/OK army get thoroughly purple sunned, then again you always tend to hear just the horror stories. I mean dwarfs/OK are quite dweller safe. Of course the ogres are too expensive in general IMHO so I'll drop them as comparison. Sure your lvl.4 might suffer an IF dweller round 1 and fails his s-test. Though the dwellers do have a short range of 24" and thus can be avoided.

What I am saying is that people have failed to adapt, and instead are blaming the rules as unfair/badly written. I lost my general/lvl4 and 400 pts more to shooting first turn against empire in the tournament, but are you seeing me lashing out against shooting? No. I took a Screaming Bell for 200 points giving me MR2 and S5 to ward against dwellers and death magic, consequently people shrugged from trying to dweller my grey seer and when they did he made his roll. I mean, I paid those points for a reason. Most armies can adapt in similiar ways to ward against some magic. Of course it might be hard to ward against all possible magic and be safe from shooting. But I mean, you can't really have it all. Where would the fun be in that.

I say, let the magic be, and let the players adapt.

Though I do think it's wise to cap the extra power dice generation and ban the power scroll as an easy medicine for removing the most boring builds.

On the internet, people often forget the human factor when discussing what's hot and what's not. A good player can and will adapt against you. Magic never wins a game on its own. Shooting never wins a game on its own. Furthermore I believe that there's more to building a good list nowadays, that have put some thought into the solidity and weaknesses of the army. Though thats another post entirely.

All in all I feel the 8th edition have greatly enhanced my gameplay experience by being much more fun and less strict. Oh the horrors I've experienced in 7th when a eager player moves his charging unit before me actually approving of they being in range...

Ok, so I think I'll round off here. I didn't even get to my army yet - watch my next post. Though I can say that clever use of deployment, movement, simple infantrymen, timing and combat reforms goes a long way to victory. I see magic as the glue that holds that ramshackle battle plan together and a means of adapting to put important pressure on important places.


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  1. Its really nice to hear someone being positive about 8th Ed after seeing so much negativity. I think you have a very good point.

    Cheers - Andy