Monday, June 13, 2011

Game 5: Daemons

So, back now with the last game of the tournament. I know this to be a bend or break game regarding final tournament position. A win might see me top 5 and a loss might see me falling to 10th-15th in placings. Naturally I was focused on a big win, preferring to play risky and forward and perhaps lose but hopefully play out a big win. Often I decide what my aims are for the game beforehand and play offensively/defensively respectively.

Anyway, my last match up were another Deamon army, rather similiar to the one I played earlier ( and the others in the tournament, including the overall winner ).
Knowing me and my army could evidently give these beasties a run for their money, I was confident.

This was an assassination scenario. 2 BPs each to the first to killed characters.

I deployed kind of refused flank here as well - seeing as the giant boulder in my opponents deployment zone would force him to divide his two fighting blocks, or deploy them on the far end to not suffer from the forest steadfast-robbing abilities. You might argue that the daemons don't need it, but a abomb and a doomwheel might colloect some impressive casualties and combat results.

Anyway, as suspected he opted to go for the left flank, using his thirster defensively and flying behind the house there. This gave me the opportunity to swing my army round, delaying his big baddie and shooting my cannons into his blocks - as they are quite good at that.

Anyway he rolled up doing nothing and I countered by going out hard with my units to poen up space for the abomb to come behind my units and defend my center about the time his thirster and fiends came round. Also my bell got into the center of my army giving my good table control with ld-buff and potential bell-buffs. He deployed his tz-herald with 10 horrors and I didn't flinch at moving up and throwing the 13th at them - forcing him to use his scroll, as he would have as evident by the non-flying herald. As it turned out I rolled double 6's and they became rats. Good. Magic gone and one character dead. One more dead, and I could start using my engineers as casualties again - which would be important if his thirster came in to combat anywhere. They are definitely effective to remove his tstomps and rob him of good casualties.

He then opted to siren song my closest slaves. I reckon to draw them out by failing their charge and make a combined charge with his sneaking thirster and letters. To be honest I believe I would just have fled with them and reorganized my army if he had done so. Me being quite in control, by being able to forece his flyers to the ground with warpgale at my whim, having a lvl 4 and him no magic defense. As luck would have it, the slaves made their 15" inch charge and connected. This saw him worried as he realized his herald would be grinded by the slaves and the furnace getting safe passage to charge them next turn. The slave held and I moved up my furnace next turn and then smashed into the daemonettes killing the herald and the rest overruning into the flamers trying to get some shots at the abomb, killing them later as well. The abomb didn't take any wounds though as warpgale, long range and some cover helped out.

The bloodletter charged my stormvermin who sneaked back over their weapon team to get out of their way and removing their annoying extra charge range banner. The bloodletter got pumped with magic, ratling guns, cannons and doomrocket while kept in check by engineers and later slaves. They eventually killed the slaves but Where wiped out by the furnace returning. I think, or magic, whatever.

Anyway the thirster also came out to play. I shot off two wound off him and set the abomination up for a charge on him where he to charge my now backing screamin bell ( to negate him killing my seer ). He instead opted to charge my abomination and surprisingly not having the flaming sword. The abomination wrestled him to the ground an snapped his head off in two rounds.

Yeah, and the stormvermin charged down the fiends. Massed s4 attacks and ws 4 paying off as their numbers were great and the fiends losing some wounds over the first rounds.

The Daemons were wholly wiped from the table and my losse were limited to some slaves, engineers, doomwheel ( due to a really dangerous forest ) and some other stuff. All objective points to me and a massacre. 20-0 to the skaven.

This saw my battle points rocketing up. There were an exciting hour watching the leader ( Peter form last game ) losing to some other Daemons. Sadly he lost too big and The Daemon player got a healthy amount of BPs porbably securing the victory.

As it would have it Björn with the Daemons pulled off the first place overall att 83 BPs and me the runner up ( both overall and BP-wise ) at 78BP. Repeating last tournaments achievement and earning a silver statuette.

I had a really good time this tournament and all good and nice match ups. I'm confident the skaven can play well, with their numbers. My record for the tournament came down to:


Some big wins and a quite big loss.

I hope you enjoyed reading these battle reports and feel free to comment on their format as I will post more in the future.


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