Saturday, June 11, 2011

Game 4: Empire

Hi again. Sorry for the cliff hanger this week regarding my battle reports, but summer and work got in the way. 
Anyway, back on the Sunday, day two, of the tournament my skaven were up for voting for Best Army amongst five others. Though I didn't win, it felt nice to get some recognition for my work. 

Behold, my skaven army in all its glory!

This game I were up for some really strong shooty Empire and a good local player, Peter, whom I've played several times before. Mentionably we played a draw last tournament, and often we've had some tough games. 

I believe this was game was the karma for giving storm banner and the gutter runners the boot with 2 cannons, 2 mortars and a helstorm bunkered in with an engineer. He also sported two big units of flagellants, two flying pag. captains, a light lvl.4 and lv.1 plus an popemobile. The deployment were tight on a third of the board, only a WLC, pistoliers, doomwheel and globes out of sight. This game would come down to whether I would make it to him and running him over or if the artiller would prove too much. 

Well he got first turn sadly. Very sadly. Magic started, with a failed dispel attempt and an IF later, my abomination were dead to some nast light magic. Then the artiller started. First shot killed my grey seer off the bell. I would have hoped the seer to make the ward save and hopefully get off his stupid contraption. Second cannon took 4 wounds off the furnace. Helstorm killed nearly all of the stormvermin who, despite reroll failed their ld and fled off the board.


 With some 800 points lost including my main threat and my general and wizard, this game would prove to be an uphill battle. I thought about conceding, but given my good battle points I would like to squeeze out some 2 BPs rather than 0. I pushed on. 

My turn saw little action, with my cannons hilariously failed. One misfired and shot the other with an s10 shot. Luckily I only rolled a 1 for wounds, the hit cannon thought it would finish the job and promptly blew up. Fuck. The gods of artillery were on Peter's side obviously. 

Here you see Peter giving two thumbs up.

Well my plan were now to try two push the skaven two get some half points and hopefulle the pope with my cannon. I catually hit him twice with high strength cannon fire and both times the pope made the ward and not the mobile which were killed. 

My bell rolled deafening peals and killed some artillery and wounded others. And in turn 5 it rolled it again and killed them all. With some help of Peter blwoing his mortars up I now had killed all artillery. I were also close to breaking his general, but he made it on a ld 7 roll. I would really liked two have gotten those points. 
The bell had during the game pushed through a unit of flagellants, reforming wide and increasing the number of attacks on the rats and killed all for the last turn. I now didn't see anything but were close to the swordsmen. Now in the last turn it swiftly reformed, moved up and rolled one dice for the bell and got a 3 allowing the unit to magically charge the swordsmen in hte side, breaking them and taking their banner. 

All in all I had gotten a decent amount of points from Peter and I actually pulled out a 4-16. Good enough for me, considering the first turn. It also proved to be some valuable points for the tournament total. 

It was a brutal and fun game, Peter always being a good sport. We both stated that this would be no draw before the game. Either Empire shoots good or the skaven would steamroll over all the empire soldiers with so grouped up units. 

I know I took some chances with an army highly susceptible against massed artillery but I were quite happy to take 4 points and move on. I now were begind the top clustre of the tournament and Peter skyrocketing to the top.

It would now come down to the last game. An assassination scenario, meaning my engineers  would lose their sacrificial usefulness. Deamons were up again. How would I wrap up this tournament? 

Watch out for my next post. 


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