Monday, June 6, 2011

Game 3: Daemons

Let's start this week off with a report on game three. This time I were up against the dreaded daemons. Bloodthirster, siren song, flamers, and life-loremaster - you name it. The objectives for the game was point of despair. 2bp for having more than three standards left (general counts as 2) and 2bp for reducing the opponent to threee or less.

Time to test the backbone of the ratmen.

Well my deployment was a true refused flank. I wanted to delay my opponent as much as possible to let my cannons do the work. In addition, the life magic is short ranged and combat oriented, so I wanted to let him lose some magic rounds. I also started out with casting warpgale hard on the first two rounds to limit his flying movement ( and also somewhat lessen the flamers ). It got the desired effect - on turn 2 he used his scroll on a warpgale. Perfect.

I had also thrown my abomination on a suicide/delay mission. I figured whether he would have flaming banner on the letters herald but if he had I would at least angle up the letters, rob them of their first long charge range banner, and possibly do some damage. The letters charged the abom, and of course he had the firestorm blade. However, that took three wounds of the beast, it has the same ini. as the letters and while getting chopped to bits without regen it bit the head of the herald bsb. Awesome tradeoff in effect and in points - I hate that -2ld banner... It also lessened his fortitude points to 4.

The following round had the thirster taking some wounds by a cannon and the tzeentch herald bouncing cannons off his chest. The flamers and the weakened letters both got turned into rats.

We got into a bad fight with him siren songing my bell through a wood from a long distance and I combo'd with the stormvermin and the doomwheel. Of course the bell made it. The deamonettes took a severe punishment, but held. Next he charged in with the thirster to the side of my bell and fiends to my doomwheel. With some poor rolling on my opponents part and som heroics by the doomwheel I actually crumbled the remaining daemonettes and another wound on the thirster. More importantly I got rid of the champion and herald in combat with the clanrats making it possible to feed the thirster engineers and champions to challenge.

Later the fiends got fended off by the doomwheel, his T6 proved to tough for them to scratch. The thirster ended up on one wound left after some won combats on my part and some globes thrown into combat, and  it making a important break test last turn saw him survive. Though it  was only him and the herald left on the board. The daemons were broken and the skave were not. 

This game were hard fought and the massive combat were a turning point with him rolling poorly. Well to be fair, my bell wouldn't have charged that far to them anyway, so I believe it evens up. That one round of poor rolling saw my opponent losing hope, and thus made some errors, like leaving his furies in front of my slaves instead of charging my cannon. I often see this in tournament games, and I believe it is an important skill to master, to keep your cool and always do your best, regardless of the dice. An good example of this will come in report 4.

Anyway. The cursed daemons were defeated and I draw a sigh of relief. Going into round 4 my skaven were tied for the lead with 54/60 bps. A good day of gaming. This however means I'm up for an Empire gunline in round 4. Stay tuned for some gunpowder punishment.

Skaven win 18 - 2

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