Saturday, June 4, 2011

Game 2: High Elves

Back again for round 2. This time my opponent were a fellow club mate, though I haven't played him a lot, he sure is a nice guy and we were up for a good game.He brought his High Elves, consisting of a big Lion-block that was immune to magic and some other not so scary units, not considering okkams of course. He did not however rock the book of hoeth.

The game was witch hunt. The two first killed magic users were worth 2bp each.
The remaining 16bp was fought over by victory points as usual.

Deployment this time were really a no-nonsense approach. Trying to get enough mass of skaven at the elves to overwhelm them. I quickly realized that I woulld try to go big on the lions or not try to take their points at all. You notice in the picture that my furnace were well away from the great wepaons threatening to make it into firewood. I also noticed his small swormasters unit. My thought was to get some impact hits on them from abomb and doomwheel to neutralize them. I also realized my abomination would not survive this battle, but he might as well get the elves attention and group them up.

As it turned out I destroyed all supporting units fairly easy and made a grand all flanks charge at the lions to which all characters had fled to be safe from the horned rat. Furnace to the front, slaves at the side and stormvermin in the back. I got everybody at the skin of my teeth as the time ran out just after killing the last character.

Things of note:
  • The plague priest. It's note fun to be him. I cannot play cautiously with the unit and often the priest pays the price. This is often fine, but this game he gave up 2bps for being a magic user. Thats life.
  • The doomwheel crashed into the swordmasters taking some wounds by the forest, shooting them and impact hitting them to death. A noble with one wound left chopped him down. A worthy sacrifice. As a matter of fact, the forests were harsh on the doomwheel all torunament. 
  • Elves are weak, and skaven are many. The lions hit hard as hell, but with three units of rats engaging them and the elves actually dying from s3 attacks ( in addition to impact, gas and wrecker of course ) they just couldn't fight the tide of bodies thrown at them. I often find dhit to be the case with elves. Always throw two of your units against every one of theirs, you'd be surprised how much your rats actually do against elves. Considering you have the bodies to retain steadfast of course. 
I didnt have time to take care of his archers in the corners and this coupled with some casualties and 2 bps to my opponent for my plague priset saw this game a win, but not a massacre. Skaven delivers!

Skaven win: 16 - 4

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