Friday, June 3, 2011

Game 1: Brettonia

Hi guys!

Here's a battle report from the first round in this weekends tournament. A capture style battle against Brettonia. Enjoy!

As a skaven player, Brettonia never really scare me. I've got the bodies to numb those lance-charges. The trebuchet is an ass though. During deployment I had the general idea of deploying my line centered in front of the forest. Many people have an irrational fear for them, and as expected, he split his forces. I on the other hand, saw the forest as an excellent route for the abomination with cover for those flaming arrows, and my bell who don't care about losing steadfast anyway and his line of sight was well over the trees.

As the brettonia player knelt down to pray, I got the first round. I really love this position - I walk up with the skaven steadfast horde over the objective and started moving up my engineers in the open area. In fact the opponent were so distracted by them that he tried to move around some - mistake, as the engineer just moved in the way again. This coupled with his fear for my body count, meant he actually backed off with some units early on, not knowing what to do. The time ended with us not having played the last turn, but the vps were not lying and with well over 2000p difference and both objectives to me, skaven win 20 - 0.

Things of note:
  • First turn I skitterleapt my engineer with the potion of foolhardiness next to his trebuchet and next turn killing it with an charge combined with a deafening peal from the screaming bell. This had his bowmen and lvl.1 fleeing towards my lines.
  • The doomwheel performed admirably, holding off a flank from pegasi and the like and actually chasing them down and in combination of lightning bolts and a big rolling impact hits killed them off. 
  • His lord on pegasus had, not surprisingly, the virtue of heroism and charged my abomination. However, he hadn't the reroll to hit lance and only scored two hits and none were fatal. The abomination responded by biting his head off, and continuing into the large bsb/lvl.4 unit ( who by now were at toughness 1 ). They lasted for a while though as, I rolled poorly and no thunderstomp vs. cav. He did manage just in time to kill everybody for precious vp. 
  • The plague furnace, man. I've managed to plague off some of his grail knights and infuriated they made a charge on my furnace, trying to kill the beast. It duly responded by showering them with 6 toughness test no armour save. And all of the knights were dead before the first lance could hit home. Unexpectedly free, the furnace rolled into another lance and just rolled straight through them like butter.
  • Both my cannons should be awesome against the brettoni, though they always seem to blow up against the noblemen and this was no exception. The fickle Ladys work perhaps? Anyway, they weren't needed.
 I feel the Brettonia have a hard match-up in the skaven. I also feel I played fail free this game and I didn't give away any points for free. Anyway it was a really nice game, and my opponent were a good sport. A fantastic way to start the tournament.

Skaven win : 20 - 0

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