Thursday, June 16, 2011

Army List Evaluation

Hi y'all.

It's time to do some self-evaluation and rate the effectiveness of my army elements. I learned a lot of this army during the tournament and can definitely say that this is a solid army list, though somewhat reliant on playing it effectively as you really need all of your precious few hard-hitters. It's also rather solid in skaven terms. Not very much carnage can be inflicted on myself and is not that prone to fleeing/panic - which I like.

Let me break it down:

Screaming Bell
Did good actually. The 18" inch inspiring presence is golden as are the 360 deg LOS for the seer. In addition it hides my bsb and gives my seer good magic defence. The bell ringings are a fun extra, but nothing reliable. The extra scorch and the warmachine destroyer is nice. Also remember it will level buildings to the ground during the course of the game. Its also som impact hits and unbreakability. My skaven army has 4 models with impact hits and its good to have, especially against elves. In fact my 30 clan rats did never die during the tournament, and the bell has never ever died for me ( the seer has of course ). Though you pay 200 points for this machine and makes your seer a prime target for cannon fire. Its a double edged sword, but I like it.

It sure makes for an expensive unit and the plague priest always dies as the whole entire enemy unit can strike at him and people often do the first combat rounds. But man, this unit kills stuff. The gas tests and wrecker are great in the end when the opponent only has some very stubborn dudes left in combat. The furnace where key to destroy brettonia and high elven characters ( after killing the white lions ). This is good, but you sure pay for it.

Just excellent. I had my worries that they would be free bps in the assassination scenario, but I played around that restriction. The potion of foolhardiness will be standar outfitting for one engineer in the future as well. The doomrocket is of course a must in a skaven army and is plain deadly.

These guys grew on me this tournament. I believe that using them away from the centerline and sporting the gleaming pennant gives me a quite independet unit. You just have to stay out of thunderstomps and you're pretty OK. They actually beat some units and got in some really nice flank/rear charges where that s4 ws4 i5 really made a difference. Slaves cant do all the work eh? I believe my 30 man unit is pretty spot on for size and the gleming pennant where ok, but possibly the banner of the under-empire would be nice as well for some extra hits. Also they brought my second ratling gun as well.

Ratling Guns
The weapon teams of skaven are getting a lot of hate nowadays for being easy vps to opponents as well as being too expensive. I see where they are coming from. I feel my ratling guns add something to my army even if it's a little shooting. Just something extra to thin down units and set up some form of "table control". Though I like them, I would really have had them a little better against furies and other skrimishers to call them straight out "good". For me I'm left neutral. They do a little bit, nothing extraordinary, not feeling like a waste nor a good buy. I must conclude anyway that I like this weapon team the most as the self damage is sufficiently lower than the warpfire and the specific role is better than the mortar ( in my army at least ). Despite the possibly horrendous warpfire misfire I would like to try them out and learn their use. They just look so damn juicy on paper...

A flavourful unit with a lot of uses though none of them spectacular on their own. They do inflict the odd wound on a monster and knights, they do redirect, they do scout-block, they do allow you to march and fire with your doomrocket. I'm sure they've earned their points for me but if you are unsure how to use them or they don't fit your army/playstyle then you're probably better off with giant rats and/or gutter runners.

I don't know what to say. They're awesome, plain and simple. Though I do believe there's a maximum number of slave units you can use before they become abundant. You really need that inspiring presence. Depending on your army you may be forced to compromise your plan and movement because of these bastards needing ld. Here the 18" bell presence really helped out, and I only ran two units. I might guess that any additional units after the third might be points better spent elsewhere. You do need to actually kill stuff you know. Although I tend to try and get the slaves against potentially weak characters to inflict a wound or two. The slaves are actually quite capable of dragging down a slaanesh herald for example.

I won't leave home without two units of slaves, ever

Warp Lightning Cannons
These guys are fantastic. And I mean that in plural. With one there were a very high randomness, but whit two you somewhat mitigate that problem at an very good price. These are the jack-of-all trades cannon, and I see no real reason for buying a plague claw catapult, unless you already got two cannons. Sure these cannons might have worse odds at monsters than cannons with random str. but on the other hand do the put out tha small blast. This is nothing to be sniffed at as the small template covers a lot of models. It's common enough that the opponent hides their monster the first round(s). This gives you the opportunity to blast chunks out of knights, monstous infantry or infantry meanwhile. That said, they are not really overpowered, they are perhaps somewhat underpriced at 90p - as are most artillery nowadays.

I won't leave home without two cannons, ever.

This guy is a monster. No really. I felt I used him mainly to force the opponents to move awkwardly as they have to do something against him. Sometimes he just got killed by some anti-abomb unit, but I felt it often was OK. He is good at buying the rest of the army time. At other times, he is just a beast - ripping characters and units to shreds. I often used his attacks to kill just the characters often he used feed to do it himself, but thats what I need to do. Characters can't be allowed free rein against my army, as I have trouble dealing with them. I feel he mix good with the rest of the list, though I don't consider him to be a must - basically because many armies have dedicated units for him.

This really came to shine all through the tournament. I feel he really fits in at 2500p as he's not the most imminent threat and such can do some flexible stuff for the army - furie/harpy patrol/monster hunt/combat booster. Especially monstrous infantry would be wise to stay clear. The wheel is cheap enough to "sacrifice" for impact hits/distraction while keeping the punch against some units. I would really like to try out two of these, as they fit my play style perfectly, but I have a feeling two might not be double the good. I'll try.

I'll never leave home without one Doomwheel, ever.

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