Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twitter As a Gaming Tool

I've gotten hit with the twitter bug as of late and find it a great tool for gaming related things. People offer thoughts, battle reps, news and blog updates in a tiny format. I follow for example gav thorpe, GW, Wyrd, Banelegions, my favourite podcasters - lke the bad dice, and other gamers who I respect.

I've also started out tweeting and will catch up to speed as time progresses. If you haven't dones so already, I suggest you start following me there, if you enjoy my thoughts here and are interested of my painting updates, quick-thoughts, blog updates and coming soon, in game bullet points. I'll be tweeting from my tournament next weekend. The posting on this blog remains unchanged and I will of course post some battle reports and experiences here.

So chack it out!

My Twitter!



  1. Welcome to Twitter, I can be found at!/iron_legion if you are at all interested.
    Cheers, Andy