Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skaven and Terror

I'm back at the thought about engineers as laid out in an earlier post always thinking about cheap ways of improvement. Mainly because my army don't have that much points to "play around" with. Thats what happens when you pick a bell, furnace, 2 x cannons, Hellpit and a doomwheel. The funpoints are already spent.

Well back on topic. As you know, skaven has access to great many different redirectors, giant rats and naked engineers mainly. They are both awesome and are points well spent. However, their leadership leaves much left to wish for and facing monsters or the wailing banner, they might disappear in short order. An hydra for example charging giant rats which flees from terror and it charges another chaff unit. This is something many skaven players may forget and gets charged by that big unit which now doesnt have a redirecto in front of it.

Well I've thought about this. I see to options that I'm considering. One is trying out rat swarms as an redirector. With ld 10, mv 6, skirmishers and unbreakable they are nimble enough to get where they want without being march blocked or panicked. At 25p a pop you might want to get two or three in unit. Sure, they are more expensive than 5 giant rats, but they are as reliable as you get. One unit might serve you well. I think I will try it out sometime.

Secondly, I'm pondering giving an engineer the shrieking blade (cause fear, 10p) or the potion of foolhardiness (ITP and dev. charge, 5p). Both making the engineer immune to terror. However the potion actually helps an engineer if you plan on using him with skitterleap and charging warmachines with that +1 att on the charge. An advantage with the engineer is of course that he can be skitterleapt in front of a monster. "You go stand in front of that 15 metre spider, I believe in you!"

I'm at least convinced to include at least give one of my road bl... hrm engineers the potion. At 5p it's a steal. Possibly giving one the charmed shield also, giving him the opportunity to charge a war machine should the need arise. Also, in a challenge he might survive a round by ignoring a hit.

As for the rat swarms, I'm very curious. But I'm very conservative as to say whether they'll fit in my army - as swarms never hit the field nowadays and I don't have a gut feeling about them. The only way to find out is to try, but one thing is certain - they are pretty tough to take out form a distance with 15 wounds at -1 to hit (for three), in combat however they'll get mashed - but hey, its their job!

Over and out!

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