Sunday, May 22, 2011

Painted: The Plague Furnace

Hiya. Short update. Almost done with the army!

I went over about 120 models yesterday with a final highlight of yellow and put some grass on them. Today
I'm done with the 13th victims clanrats, the abombs rat swarms, an enigneer and my Cannon.

However, some days ago I finished the furnace. It got a whole lot of colours. I decided to change it up and painted the wrecking ball as flaming rather than poisonous - as is cutomary. I thought it turned out nice. Also, the furnace got a whole lot more rust and mould colouring as well as some more broken stuff, to enhance the plague part.

Anyway, enjoy.


  1. Interesting. You Painted the Warp Globe with bright fire colors instead of the traditional warp-green.