Friday, May 20, 2011

Painted: Hellpit Abomination

The show must go on. Next up from the warpforges are my abomination. I like how he turned out, though there's much skin and little army colours (read yellow), but I guess thats hard to get around. I kept from doing any bodypaint based on the fact that his skin is very wrinkled and otherwise detailed so I believe it would not do itself justice.

Some great news from my TO some day ago. The tournament will heed the ETC FAQ thread. As such the abomination can't be boxed by the 1" apart rule. I've always lived with that and with some planning you can avoid it, though sometimes you just can't keep your abomination being led away from action. I think he will do me proud. I'm starting to get psyched up for the tournament!

Comments and criticism is, as always, welcome!