Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Fragile Alliance

This Sunday I were down at the club for a laid-back doubles tournament. I teamed up with my friend Marcus who rocked dark elves. The points size were 2x750p and no rares, unit max 250p and max two heroes were allowed.

We brought:

Plague priest, flail, dispel scroll
Engineer, doomrocket
40 Slaves, shields, mus, ch
40 Slaves, shield, mus, ch
28 Plague monks, full command, plague banner
5 Giant rats, 1pm
5 Giant rats, 1pm
7 Globadiers

Dreadlord, gw, 1+sv
Sorc, shadow
30 Spearmen
5 Shades, ahw
5 Shades, ahw

We were up against WoC+VC, WoC+DoC and HE+Emp.

Battle begins...

and ends...

In the end we ended up earning 18, 8, and 10 battle points. 20 being max per game. A decent day of gaming. Though these small sizes and alliances made for some important dice rolls. When the slaves made their ld five times in a row or failed the first one, much can go down the drain in a few rolls.

Some thoughts. The plague monks with plague banner caught many opponents off guard - be it exploding a ghoul regiment with vampire on the charge or mauling khorne marauders. They do soo much damage to models without armor that its not even funny. If I were to let my Furnace go ( in my 2.5k list ) I would definitely give them plague banner. A good investment for the points I reckon. Maybe even better than the furnace... we'll see what happens.

A close-fought battle

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  1. I've been using the Plague Banner recently with mixed results.

    Without stating the obvious, it really works well against lightly armoured opponents AND I think it does maximised the attributes of the Plague Priest