Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final(?) list for Fantasia Fanatic

Hi guys.

Soon soon I'm done with the painting and going over with some finishing touches. About time, the tournament is up for next weekend. I'm starting to feel quite comfortable with my list now and a really good result behind me. In the beginning I had a hard time playing with thw Bell being to afraid, but now I've learned what my army can and can't do and hence feel actually very comfortable with my seer on a bell.

Some additions to the list is the two ratling guns and the removal of the storm banner. See my thoughts below the list.

2500 Pts - Skaven Roster

1 Grey Seer @ 480 pts (General)
   1 Screaming Bell
   1 Dispel Scroll
   1 Warpstone Token

1 Plague Priest @ 254 pts (Flail)
   1 Plague Furnace

1 Chieftain @ 72 pts (Halberd; Battle Standard Bearer)

1 Warlock Engineer @ 45 pts
   1 Doomrocket

1 Warlock Engineer @ 20 pts
   1 Potion of Foolhardiness

1 Warlock Engineer @ 15 pts

29 Clanrats @ 210 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer; Shield)
   1 Clawleader
   1 Ratling Gun

39 Skavenslaves @ 100 pts (Musician; Shield)

39 Skavenslaves @ 100 pts (Musician; Shield)

29 Stormvermin @ 295 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer)
   1 Fangleader
   1 Gleaming Pennant
   1 Ratling Gun

29 Plague Monks @ 245 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer)
   1 Bringer-of-the-Word
   1 Banner of Eternal Flame

5 Poisoned Wind Globadiers @ 50 pts

5 Poisoned Wind Globadiers @ 50 pts

1 Doomwheel @ 150 pts

1 Warp-Lightning Cannon @ 90 pts

1 Warp-Lightning Cannon @ 90 pts

1 Hell Pit Abomination @ 235 pts

Grand total: 2500

Points of note:
  • Warpstone Token - Earlier I played with the scroll on the priest and a power stone on the seer. However, the priest often sees a lot of action and rarely lives through the battle, putting pressure on me to use his scroll early. I decided to move the scroll to my seer, but I still wanted some extra dice so I gave the seer a token, as it can be taken in addition to other arcane items. A plus is also that my priest is worth less points. I've found it a wasted effort to try to get the priest to live, and now see it as a necessary means to my ends.
  • Gleaming Pennant - I've found that my stormvermin often gets assessed with flank duty, fighting the less formidable units of the enemy - the good ones are for the slaves. As such they often get outside the bsb but still inside my 18" ld bubble. 5 points for a reroll is a golden investment, now that they don't carry the storm banner anymore.
  • Ratling Guns - This is the direct change of removing my storm banner. I felt I wanted my cannons operation, and that there isn't that much enemy war machines out there that I cant handle it. I decided to flip the steak and put in some needed small arms fire. Sure the ratlings don't do that many wounds on average, true. But I feel that semi-reliably ( read non magically ) do some wounds here and there is needed. I'm talking about doing the last wound on a chariot, putting a wound on a monster, chasing away eagles etc. A plus is that I think them to be fun to play with. Now my army competes in all phases which is always good. I'm having the warpfire cravings though due to their massive damage output. I've tried them and done good damage, BUT... I feel that their misfires are horrendous and just cant stand having a thrower blasting a hole in my blocks. If it only killed itself I would have taking it, but I just cant risk losing ranks where I've counted to have them.
  • Banner of Eternal Flame - First off. I'm very aware that the wrecker and gas tests don't benefit from the flaming attacks. However, my impact hits and flail attacks sure do and hit first. They should be able to put some wounds on a monster, removing regeneration and preparing for the wrecker and monk attacks. This is a handful and the furnace have no problem steamrolling a hydra. A plus is also that against a character with 2++ flaming ward, the wrecker and gas tests DO still go thorugh the ward. I see it a best of both worlds. Sure you don't always need the flaming banner, but see it as insurance.
  • Potion of Foolhardiness - As discussed earlier. I threw it in for giving me the opportunity to redirect a terror causer. Another 5p steal.

There you have it. A clear difference of my list compared to other internet lists is of course the globadiers and lack of gutter runners. The globadiers have really shined to me, but we'll see if my lack of runners and storm banner comes back to haunt me on the tournement... hope not. In that case, I put my trust in my regeneration rolls.

Til next time


  1. Looks like a very solid list. Good luck in the tournament!

  2. Thanks. I'll sure post a good series of battle reps. :)