Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2.5k vs. Beastmen

Hi again. Last thursday I had go at my friend Niklas' beastmen here in our gaming clubs running league. The skaven army performed really well and showed exactly how angry the skaven army is when the dice are with you. 

The skaven army steamrolling over the battlefield

Well first things first. My army was as last time, but with some tinkering.

I've dropped the storm banner. With two cannons and not very much shooty opposition I've not really had enough output from it. I have had effect with it, don't get me wrong, but I find I can have something mor fun for 50 points. 

Namely, ratling guns. I've dropped the mortar also which combined gives me two ratlings. The mortar have been godd to me and I like it, but it's good against the same things as the rest of the army - big units of infantry. I can live with plague, scorch, 13th, 2x cannons to do some damage. The ratling guns gives me the opportunity to take out the last wound on a chariot or panic that unit of harpies. I've found that I often end up with like 5 black orcs fighting it out against slaves - neither dying - then ratling guns might help. 

My opponent showed up with the following:

Doombull of doom
Lvl.4 Shadow
Lvl.1 Beasts
bsb - banner of discipline
30 gors
30 gors
24 bestigors
2 x 1 tuskgor chariots
1 razorgor chariot
3 x 5 harpies
2 x 1 razorgors
3 minotaurs-great weapons

My main worries was the doombull and the blocks. The doombull being nearly indestructible in combat and the blocks the solid backbone of the army.

However. The doombull had no place to receive LOS wich lead him to deploy him on a flank behind a house. As for the rest, the characters were all in the bestigors and the minotaurs on a flank with the DB. 

I deployed the doomwheel to mess with the minotaurs/DB and the a-bomb in the middle heading straight for the character bunker. 

He quickly moved a unit into a building, which proved to be unprofitable as they got locked in there by slaves and other units moving about. Only to panic in round 5 and rallying in front of my abom which duly devoured them. 
He also started the famous "parting of the sea" move. I.e. harpies moved up to make my abom move straight ahead in the early turns, but as straight forward meant straight at the characters unit he was forced to move sideways, getting stuck behind a chariot combat. 
In turn three, skaven went crazy. Doomrocket fired off at long range and killing 19 gors. 13th rolled 18 and killed the 15 bestigors + 3 characters straight off. On top of that he had screened of my doomwheel to stop it blasting the minotaurs away. He placed his doombull with 1+ rerollable save in the way of the doomwheel thinking to get a free kill. The doomwheel thought otherwise, charging him and rolling st8 for his 3 d6 wounds hits inflicting 11 wounds on the poor guy. 

At this stage he had only supporting units left, aside from a locked gor unit in the building. They were as mentioned panicked and abombized. 

The game ended 175 to 2750 vp points for me and a resounding 20-0 victory for the skaven. 

I sure had some lucky rolls here end there, but I believe the game coming down to 13thing his wizards and bsb in addtion to some mistakes in deployment/movement. He should never had put a unit in the building effectively taking out of the game. The abomb effectively destroyed his whole center forcing him to steering him and moving his general and bsb away from the battle. 

Honourable mention also to the cannons for inflicting heavy casualties to chariots/razorgors and the bestigors. 

I sure love the Doomwheel. It really does these crazy thing every now and then, this time mauling his doombull. It really has a place in the army as the main weapon against the biggest things in the other army. 3 auto hitting bolts of artillery dice strength lightnings with d6 multiple wounds really does hurt. 

I have some trouble with multiple chaff units, but its often just a matter of time to go through them and realigning. With good shooting and magic on my side, I'm rarely in a hurry to close in.

An enjoyable game and I think I had some advantage by my opponent being fairly new to his army at this point level. 

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