Monday, May 30, 2011

Tournament over!

Hi guys. A busy weekend this one. Though really enjoyable.

As you may or may not know, I played a 5 round 2,5k tournament this weekend with exactly the list I published here two weeks ago. I'll post pictures and battle report of the whole shebang in a few days, just let me put it down to words.

Anyway. I had a good run, and par one game where cannons and magic ruined my day turn one, I played really well and my army performed extraordinarily. Most importantly wiping two "identical" deamon armies, my ever present nemesis-army, which is a great personal victory. I managed to squeeze out a second place overall and 78/100 BP, which also was the runner up for most BP in tournament. So i'm nothing short of satisfied with my skaven.

Read in later for some thoughts, learnings, reports and pictures.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Fantasia fanatic tomorrow

Will be doing some serious battling this weekend and this tournament was the aim for my army. I'll sure be having a blast.

Anyway I'll be tweeting from the games, so keep an eye out. Also ill take pictures of my finished army in all its glory.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skirmish Trays

I made up skirmish trays yesterday for my globadiers - using the time I have over before the tournament. Since I'm all painted and done.

I use the GW modular movement trays and made up the rouchly .5" by strips of plastic card. It was a little fiddly, but I got them done, even magnetized. Around here there's few people woh uses these, but it seems it's more common in other parts of the world.

Truth be told, I've never run into problems not using them by always playing open and forward. Does the opponent place his skirmishers uneven, I point it out. However I can easily imagine that there could arise situations where thing are unclear.

Me, I really made mine because they look great. I'm a little bit of an a autistic in that regard, I like movement trays and and order in my units and on my battlefield. Anyway, now I have them.

Does anyone else have an opinion on these small trinkets of skrimish moving trays?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Painted: The Plague Furnace

Hiya. Short update. Almost done with the army!

I went over about 120 models yesterday with a final highlight of yellow and put some grass on them. Today
I'm done with the 13th victims clanrats, the abombs rat swarms, an enigneer and my Cannon.

However, some days ago I finished the furnace. It got a whole lot of colours. I decided to change it up and painted the wrecking ball as flaming rather than poisonous - as is cutomary. I thought it turned out nice. Also, the furnace got a whole lot more rust and mould colouring as well as some more broken stuff, to enhance the plague part.

Anyway, enjoy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Painted: Hellpit Abomination

The show must go on. Next up from the warpforges are my abomination. I like how he turned out, though there's much skin and little army colours (read yellow), but I guess thats hard to get around. I kept from doing any bodypaint based on the fact that his skin is very wrinkled and otherwise detailed so I believe it would not do itself justice.

Some great news from my TO some day ago. The tournament will heed the ETC FAQ thread. As such the abomination can't be boxed by the 1" apart rule. I've always lived with that and with some planning you can avoid it, though sometimes you just can't keep your abomination being led away from action. I think he will do me proud. I'm starting to get psyched up for the tournament!

Comments and criticism is, as always, welcome!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Painted: Plague Monk Unit

Hi again. 

My unit of yellow monks is finally finished. I quite like the monk models, I know some don't. Anyway, I used a stormvermin banner which is way more "alive" and detailed. The champion has an armoured head and a packmaster whip. I added some rust to their weapons and some verdigris on their bronze. This is their pestliens compensation for not getting green robes. I hope you like them. 

Pestilens goodness

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twitter As a Gaming Tool

I've gotten hit with the twitter bug as of late and find it a great tool for gaming related things. People offer thoughts, battle reps, news and blog updates in a tiny format. I follow for example gav thorpe, GW, Wyrd, Banelegions, my favourite podcasters - lke the bad dice, and other gamers who I respect.

I've also started out tweeting and will catch up to speed as time progresses. If you haven't dones so already, I suggest you start following me there, if you enjoy my thoughts here and are interested of my painting updates, quick-thoughts, blog updates and coming soon, in game bullet points. I'll be tweeting from my tournament next weekend. The posting on this blog remains unchanged and I will of course post some battle reports and experiences here.

So chack it out!

My Twitter!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final(?) list for Fantasia Fanatic

Hi guys.

Soon soon I'm done with the painting and going over with some finishing touches. About time, the tournament is up for next weekend. I'm starting to feel quite comfortable with my list now and a really good result behind me. In the beginning I had a hard time playing with thw Bell being to afraid, but now I've learned what my army can and can't do and hence feel actually very comfortable with my seer on a bell.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Painted: Plague monks

Painting is alive and kicking. Was a while since I reported my recent painting accomplishments but here goes a light snack. I decided to go for my army colours for the monks rather than green pestilens. This was mainly to further reinforce the coherent feel of the army.

In addition to these I've magnetized my movement trays, completed all of my stormvermin and my abomination. All in all - Things are getting done in good speed and I suspect no problem finishing the army until the 28th. I do have problems however for deciding what to do with my last 70 points, but thats another article.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Fragile Alliance

This Sunday I were down at the club for a laid-back doubles tournament. I teamed up with my friend Marcus who rocked dark elves. The points size were 2x750p and no rares, unit max 250p and max two heroes were allowed.

We brought:

Plague priest, flail, dispel scroll
Engineer, doomrocket
40 Slaves, shields, mus, ch
40 Slaves, shield, mus, ch
28 Plague monks, full command, plague banner
5 Giant rats, 1pm
5 Giant rats, 1pm
7 Globadiers

Dreadlord, gw, 1+sv
Sorc, shadow
30 Spearmen
5 Shades, ahw
5 Shades, ahw

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skaven and Terror

I'm back at the thought about engineers as laid out in an earlier post always thinking about cheap ways of improvement. Mainly because my army don't have that much points to "play around" with. Thats what happens when you pick a bell, furnace, 2 x cannons, Hellpit and a doomwheel. The funpoints are already spent.

Well back on topic. As you know, skaven has access to great many different redirectors, giant rats and naked engineers mainly. They are both awesome and are points well spent. However, their leadership leaves much left to wish for and facing monsters or the wailing banner, they might disappear in short order. An hydra for example charging giant rats which flees from terror and it charges another chaff unit. This is something many skaven players may forget and gets charged by that big unit which now doesnt have a redirecto in front of it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Toughness 8 you say?

A quick thought about the new Khemri monstrosities with the feared T8. They will surely be hell to kill with my cannons, needing to roll high for strength further reduces their wound average.

However. My new favourites the globadiers are now even more a so a solid choice. Regardless toughness and save, these guys will wound you on 4+. The list of possible targets for them increases with every army! With the trend of more big baddies I predict globadiers will just keep on increasing in utility.

What I like is that in addition to just shoot the monsters, you can continue to shoot them when they're locked in combat adding to your arsenal of possible ways to counter them.

My tip to skaven players: put in some globadiers to help counter the monsters.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Doubles tournament today

Top o the morning to you!

I'm going down to my gaming club for a good day of warhammer. Namely a doubles tournament.
I'll bring my camera and report back later.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2.5k vs. Beastmen

Hi again. Last thursday I had go at my friend Niklas' beastmen here in our gaming clubs running league. The skaven army performed really well and showed exactly how angry the skaven army is when the dice are with you. 

The skaven army steamrolling over the battlefield