Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Globadiers

So I've been ill since my last post, finally beginning to come back to life. Sadly my painting have been lacking, although my abomination is almost done.

Well anyhow. Todays post will highlight the often overlooked unit of Poisoned Wind Globadiers. I've tried them fore some battles, and will continue to try them, and I find they have their uses. All in all, I really like them! ( Of course the biggest downside is the models cost, hence my conversion work, see the blog archive for pictures )

I'm always trolling the internet for new interesting opinions and tactics for my skaven, as well as WHFB in general of course. And I find that the general opinion of the globadiers is that they are really lacklustre, while the go-to guys is the gutter runners who you see in every competitive skaven lists nowadays. And as always, I'm not letting the internet getting in the way of my own judgement. So hear me out.

Poisoned Wind Globadiers

At 10p you get a skirmishing skaven with heavy armour. As I see it, this is enough to make me consider them. they fulfil the criteria for a cheap skirmishing unit. Though the more popular chaff-units are the rat-darts ( 5 giant rats + packmaster ) at 23p a pop, they are indeed cheaper and have an increased movement rate, but they are prone to going haywire due to loss of packmaster - something I loathe. The gutter runners are indeed better fighters and can scout etc. - they are considerably more expensive and doesn't fit into the chaff-unit category. Gutter runners are much more iumportant and have better things to do than to be sacrificed.

In addition to being a 10p skirmisher, the globadiers have their signature poisoned wind globes. Quick-to-fire weapons with a range of 8" and wounds on 4+ with no armour save allowed. They may also be fired into any combat, although randomizing hits. Ok. So a unit of five globadiers might not score as many wounds on a unit given that they also suffer from long range above 4", they can march and fire and wounds any model as easy. Making the ideal targets monsters, characters and knights.

So at 50p you got a skirmishing unit of 5 globadiers that are quite mobile and being able to pop some wounds on a monster. They can be used as diverters to good effect. Effectively giving you a diverter which might sometimes surprise you. A good thing is that they have the ability to do great against high T/AS opponents, but should there be none in the enemy army you haven't paid too much points for it.

They also give great protection against that flying dreadlord or other monsters, even if they are in combat.

A favourite of mine is to move up the globadiers in front of monster to divert it, fire their globes and then stand and shoot it with their quick-to-fire. No game changer, but perhaps a wound or two.

Sadly, as is the case with skaven, they have poor ld and might be prone to terror-fleeing. Bear that in mind.

Another use of them is to move the globadiers up and then join your engineer with doomrocket to them. He may now fire it even though he marched as he gains the skirmisher rule. Tricky right?

I am in no way saying that every army needs to have these guys, but I strongly favour these over rat-darts for the control and their shooting. That extra wound on that monster is golden.

I wouldn't bother with the death-globe champion though, as it adds to their cost and is only cost-effective against certain units and is one use.

Another trick with the champion is lining the squad up in one file, allowing the enemy to only kill the champion. this will allow your unit to break and outrun the enemy with +1" flee. Hence saving the units points cost. If it rallies.

Some math on a 5-man squad shooting:
within 4": 1.25 wounds
between 4" and 8": 0.83 wounds

In summary:
OK short range shooting against monsters
Allows march and fire doomrocket
Does have heavy armour
May fire into any combat (even their own)
Low ld
May hit themselves ( though they are throw-away units so who cares? )

Don't listen to the intyernet - try them.

( Don't mind me being from the internet though, I'm here to help you! )

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  1. All good points. I just scored 4 off eBay (nicely painted too, just need to change the cloak color and add some oxidation to the backpacks) and they are the only unit of Skaven, including all named characters, that I was missing from my massive army. Can't wait to doomrocket with the Engi and have my rule obsessed main High Elves opponent scramble as his Reavers unit melts.