Friday, April 8, 2011

Army list - 2.5k try-out

Yep, so tomorrow I'll play my first game in our local running WHFB-league. You can play any points-value you want, but my focus ( as many others ) is to try out my 2.5k list for the big tournament here in may. I think I'll share the list with you.

Its really about big things and little crap. I kicked my gutter runners in favor of 2 5man globadier units, solely on the basis of coolness, but I think they'll do quite OK for their points. It also frees up some points for other things. My main focus have become taking cool things, so I'm eager to see how the army can perform.

I also got my ordered movement trays from back-2-bas-ix in australia. Laser cut mdf-board trays for a good price. Oh how I love them, rock hard, precise trays.

Anyways here's the list:

  • Grey Seer, Bell, Power stone
  • BSB, halberd
  • Plague priest, furnace, scroll, ironcurse icon, flail
  • Engineer, doomrocket
  • Engineer
  • Engineer
  • 30 Clanrats, Shields, Full Command, Plague wind mortar
  • 30 Stormvermin, Full Command, Storm Banner
  • 39 Slaves, shields, musician
  • 39 Slaves, shields, musician
  • 5 Globadiers
  • 5 Globadiers
  • 30 Plague monks, Full Command, Flame Banner
  • Warp-lightning cannon
  • Warp-lightning cannon
  • Abomination
  • Doomwheel
I'm currently wondering if I should trade my PWM for a warpfire thrower or 5 plague censers.

Anyway. I'll let you know how it goes.

PS. Some army photos is soon to come up, perhaps from the game tomorrow.


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