Sunday, April 10, 2011

2.5k vs. Warriors of Chaos

Yesterday I tried out my list against some warriors down at the gaming club. He brought quite a unique list:

  • lvl4 shadow
  • khorne hero on jugger
  • khorne hero on jugger
  • khorne bsb on jugger
  • 24? tzeentch warriors - raptorous standard
  • 24? khorne warriors - flaming banner
  • 5 hounds
  • warshrine
  • warshrine
  • 7 knights
  • hellcannon

We rolled for the scenario per the coming tournament and got banners. Meaning we would compete for 0-16bp via victory points and 4bp to the player with most banners in the end.

I was initially quite worried about the hellcannon blasting my big things. Also, how would I destroy his three champions on juggers with 5 hounds giving them some protection.

As i turned out he depolyed from left to right: knights, khorne warriors, warshrine, juggerheroes, tzeentch warriors with lvl4, warshrine, hellcannon. I deployed tightly with my furnace heading for the knights, my abomination heading for the lvl4/tzeentch warriors, slave against his juggers and doomwheel to his hellcannon.

He made two mistakes during deployment which I was eager to capitalize on. Firstly, he set his lvl4 with tzeentch warriors without any fleeing options, as there was a building splitting his force. I sent my abomination for the unit straight away, and he promptly moved the lvl4 away fearing to be smashed by the abomb - only to be turned into a rat by the thirteenth spell. Secondly, he wanting to protect his cannon set it up on its own in the corner. This however opened up for the doomwheel heading for it unopposed and promptly inflicting 3 st10 d6 wound-hits on the thing, blasting it to bits.

The jugger heroes tried to split charge, two against my slaves that I've moved up, and one against my 5 globadiers in the way of my bell. The globadiers responded soundly by inflicting two wounds on the hero, killing him as he came charging, then they kept lobbing globes at the heroes in combat with the slaves. The chaos knights got a engineer in front of them, charging him and overrunning into my furnace, which killed 5 of them sending the others running.

In the end my doomwheel accounted for the hellcannon and both of the warshrines sweeping the backside of the warriors army with lightning flaring.

The khorne warriors were late in for combat and got charged by furnace and stormvermin, and got their toughness reduced by wither. They were cut down to two men and were killed.

The tzeentch warriors did nothing to the abomb whilst it killed every last one of them.

The game ended quickly and left a resounding 20-0 victory in my favour. I lost a slave unit my mortar, a cannon (both to misfire), my priest on the furnace of course and some engineers proudly dying the name of greater good.

The real MVP of the game were the doomwheel, taking out the hard supporting units and saving my army from those horrifying hellcannon blasts. Honourable mention goes to the globadiers who killed on hero and wounding the other two. It was fun game though which came down to some early misdeployment from my opponent in addition to my skaven being perhaps a hard match-up from the start.

Looking forward to more battles!

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