Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well err...

I just wanted to post to tell you that the plans for merging this blog with the Troll Tales one is on ice for now, grounded by the evils of Blogger-mechanisms...

Anyway, this blog will continue as usual, bar this week's standstill.

I'll also advice you to read my post over at Troll Tales - an tactics report about the combat reform.

The post quoted from over there. Enjoy!

Hi guys. Today's post will highlight on of the most important and defining rules of 8th edition WHFB – The Combat Reform. Sure, magic is awesome, monsters are big and have thunderstomp and infantry are steadfast bla, bla, bla. All of that is another story. Haven't you been taken unawares by a combat ending in your turn letting a enemy unit combat reform and charge you in your turn? I bet you have, and I bet you would like to do it to your opponent. The combat reform happening in the ”wrong turn” for you might be devastating, implicitly giving a unit 360 degrees of freedom and a whole lot of unpredictability, which may be the worst thing for a game where the key of winning is predicting the ebb and flow of battle. A good player will defend against this and use it to his full potential.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog about to merge!

Hi guys.

I'm currently working on merging my blog with the Troll Tales one. The reason is to butt our heads together to provide you with a daily updated high quality blog. We both felt that we had trouble keeping up and our similiar writing style made for an good merge.

The process is underway and all posts here will be transferred over to Troll Tales.

That's where all posts will come in the future too. Same content, new package.

I hope you'll find it interesting.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Engineers - expanding their use


Fisrtly I'd like to mention I had a test-run of my 2.5k army yesterday. We had a bit of time issues, so I hadn't the time to take some pictures. I went up against a O&G army with a wyvern, arachnarok and a horde of big'uns as some notable features. Well, some further thoughts may come up here later, though I won a comfortable 16-4. It would have been 18-2, if only I had better knowledge of the scenario as my opponent got the objective once. Overall it was a good performance by my army and many elements performed well, including my globadiers who killed a goblin hero and took 2 wounds of the arachnarok. See my earlier post for a review of them.

Todays post will regard the wonderful characters known as the Warlock Engineers. Most notably the use of the naked ones, the 15 points guys with a limited life-span.

I currently field 2 naked warlocks in my list and find that its about what you need. Many more will not really increase your army's efectiveness. Their basic use is to hide in units and either move out to delay or divert enemy units. This is further enhanced by the use of skitterleap, being able to teleport a diverter anywhere on the tabletop, being able to be in the most critical situations on the battlefield. The beauty is that the enemy really don't know what your plan is when you throw your spell and often letting it go in favour of dispelling plague/wither etc. This is highly effective and can buy important units some time, most notably random movement units ending up to short, like the doomwheel rolling low and your engineer saving it from a counter-charge.

If you really want to draw out dispel dice with the skitterleap you may actually tell your opponent about your plan with the skitterleap, maybe delaying his favourite unit. This is of course done in a non-taunting way, I'm not promoting bad sportsmanship! Maybe just suggest you might use the engineer for delaing a unit, and often there is a good spot for him, so it's no empty threat, just playing the mind-game that is the magic phase.

This utility of the engineer has made them real favourites of mine. However, I've started to wonder of expanding their use to get more out of the spell that is skitterleap. Mainly, my army lacks gutter runners for the moment - on a pure model-based reason ( OK, they're a lot of points too ). So I'm a bit lacking in the warmachine-hunting business, only having my cannons and my bells deafening peals to counter them. Of course, storm-banner mitigates the enemys artillery's use early on, though it wont kill them.

So what I'm thinking is giving my engineers some cheap items, enabling them to be skitterleapt beside the artillery-piece and later charging it. This of course makes the engineers more expensive, as such the item-kit must be cheap!

What I'm thinking of is maybe giving one of my engineers one or more of the following - charmed shield (5p), rat-hound bodyguard (5p), tail weapon (8). Maybe charmed shield and rat hound bodyguard for a guy with 2 attacks and 6+/6+ save, ignoring one hit. He will then cost a grand 25p, so if he actually don't kill the artillery he might stall them. As he gets +1CR for charging he needs to be killed in order to lose the first round of combat, which may happen, though not so likely. Of course he can't effectively battle the dwarfs, though he may survive a round.

If one of my "naked" engineers gets this kit, the other one remaining totally naked, I still have a first priority throw-away guy untooled for being cheap, whilst giving me another option dealing with warmachines. Even if I'm ending up just sacrificing him too, its only 25p, come on.

Maybe I'll try him out. There's really no end to the uses you can have for a character whose base cost is 15p.

Over and out - squeek!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Globadiers

So I've been ill since my last post, finally beginning to come back to life. Sadly my painting have been lacking, although my abomination is almost done.

Well anyhow. Todays post will highlight the often overlooked unit of Poisoned Wind Globadiers. I've tried them fore some battles, and will continue to try them, and I find they have their uses. All in all, I really like them! ( Of course the biggest downside is the models cost, hence my conversion work, see the blog archive for pictures )

I'm always trolling the internet for new interesting opinions and tactics for my skaven, as well as WHFB in general of course. And I find that the general opinion of the globadiers is that they are really lacklustre, while the go-to guys is the gutter runners who you see in every competitive skaven lists nowadays. And as always, I'm not letting the internet getting in the way of my own judgement. So hear me out.

Poisoned Wind Globadiers

At 10p you get a skirmishing skaven with heavy armour. As I see it, this is enough to make me consider them. they fulfil the criteria for a cheap skirmishing unit. Though the more popular chaff-units are the rat-darts ( 5 giant rats + packmaster ) at 23p a pop, they are indeed cheaper and have an increased movement rate, but they are prone to going haywire due to loss of packmaster - something I loathe. The gutter runners are indeed better fighters and can scout etc. - they are considerably more expensive and doesn't fit into the chaff-unit category. Gutter runners are much more iumportant and have better things to do than to be sacrificed.

In addition to being a 10p skirmisher, the globadiers have their signature poisoned wind globes. Quick-to-fire weapons with a range of 8" and wounds on 4+ with no armour save allowed. They may also be fired into any combat, although randomizing hits. Ok. So a unit of five globadiers might not score as many wounds on a unit given that they also suffer from long range above 4", they can march and fire and wounds any model as easy. Making the ideal targets monsters, characters and knights.

So at 50p you got a skirmishing unit of 5 globadiers that are quite mobile and being able to pop some wounds on a monster. They can be used as diverters to good effect. Effectively giving you a diverter which might sometimes surprise you. A good thing is that they have the ability to do great against high T/AS opponents, but should there be none in the enemy army you haven't paid too much points for it.

They also give great protection against that flying dreadlord or other monsters, even if they are in combat.

A favourite of mine is to move up the globadiers in front of monster to divert it, fire their globes and then stand and shoot it with their quick-to-fire. No game changer, but perhaps a wound or two.

Sadly, as is the case with skaven, they have poor ld and might be prone to terror-fleeing. Bear that in mind.

Another use of them is to move the globadiers up and then join your engineer with doomrocket to them. He may now fire it even though he marched as he gains the skirmisher rule. Tricky right?

I am in no way saying that every army needs to have these guys, but I strongly favour these over rat-darts for the control and their shooting. That extra wound on that monster is golden.

I wouldn't bother with the death-globe champion though, as it adds to their cost and is only cost-effective against certain units and is one use.

Another trick with the champion is lining the squad up in one file, allowing the enemy to only kill the champion. this will allow your unit to break and outrun the enemy with +1" flee. Hence saving the units points cost. If it rallies.

Some math on a 5-man squad shooting:
within 4": 1.25 wounds
between 4" and 8": 0.83 wounds

In summary:
OK short range shooting against monsters
Allows march and fire doomrocket
Does have heavy armour
May fire into any combat (even their own)
Low ld
May hit themselves ( though they are throw-away units so who cares? )

Don't listen to the intyernet - try them.

( Don't mind me being from the internet though, I'm here to help you! )

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Army Deployment or "What? Do you have a plan?"

Hi guys.

With 8th edition rolling for some time now, I've come to some conclusions. The one that I'll
adress in this post is - Deployment are a very critical moment during a game of 8th edition Warhammer. You already knew that? Well, let me continue my rant.

8th edition is more manouvreable than ever, for infantry.
Well true, without being forced to take wheeling into account for charges and swift reforms
really lets infantry to do some crazy stuff sometimes. What I state though is that initial combat often occurs in one of the players round 2, with the possible long charges it doesn't take much moving to open up to a possible charge.

As many may have pointed out - the game has tilted more towards risk management than ever. Well to some this might seem like - big risks give big rewards. This might be true, and will cost you games, when that irresitible purple sun kills your general and other good stuff, and might just aswell blow your own wizard up when you try the same, only to roll a misfire on the range for the sun. Fun?/Boring? - live with it, when you really look at it, it doesn't happen that often. Anyways, back on topic.

What I'm playing for is often to see those - low risks give moderate rewards. Well, what the heck is he talking about?

I often set my army up so that in turn two you might try some "Hail Mary"-charges, long distance charges, that your opponent choose to hold against because of the low possibility and if you fail charge you will end up 4" forward, which you would have liked to move anyways. Given, it is low odds to roll 10 on two D6 to charge 15" ( in my case), but what have you got to lose? I find I often use this. To guard against the enemy doing the same, you will have to have a good supporting stance between your units even on turn 1. Don't spoil your game plan, play by the odds, but have these possibilities in your head.

If I try doing a long charge into the enemy with my furnace on turn 2 in 6 games in a row and succeds once, can the enemy call that a lucky charge? ( psst. the odds for rolling 10 or more on two D6 is 1/6 ) So if the enemy does a long charge, or any charge for that matter, and catches you off guard, because he was lucky, who's fault is it? Catch my drift?

Anyway. What I'm trying to build up to in this post is to have a solid battleline. How do you do that? Think through your deployment before you go to the gaming board. In the first turns you will not be able to change much. The real maneuvring comes into play later turns, I find.

What? But a good general reacts and counters the enemys deployment!
That is absolutely correct good sir. But a good general does that without compromising on his own battleplans. I've often seen some generals deploying monsters way out hidden for cannons, too far out to have an good impact on the game. I've seen people deploying their flaming banner units weird to be in a good spot for that hydra, and a hydra deploying weird to avoid those units.

Bear with me here. Nothing is black and white. Don't be afraid to counter the enemy. All I'm asking to sit down, yes do it now, and think about how you deploy your army. You might even think about possible changes in it towards different opponents. This, in addition to speeding up deployment, gives you the comfort of being able to think about the bigger picture while deploying. Although far from everyone sist down and thinks through deployment beforehand, generals who have played a certain army for many battles do this automatically, often by learning the hard way.

I'll show you an example, from my own current 2.5k army. Check my earlier post for complete list.

This a typical deployment for me. I vary this deployment according to the terrain and enemy of course. The rulers show my inspiring presence range of 18" via the Screaming Bell.

Some basic thoughts I have regarding this:
  • A slave unit near my Bell for protecting and delaying attempts on my center.
  • The abomination also goes central, hunting for blocks with characters and disrupting the enemies plans. In addition he delays enemy units reach my precious seer-general.
  • Furnace unit anchor on flank whilst the other flank should be against a table edge. With unbreakable, gas tests, wrecker attacks, and flaming it should give enemies flanking forces or monsters a hard time getting to me. If it meets something too hard, it at least holds unbreakable for many a turn.
  • Naked engineer on each flank being able to direct or delaying some units.
  • Protected cannons behind hard to move units, whilst having good firing visibility to the slaves shoulde they be engaged with hard targets.
  • The bsb gives ld rerolls to stormvermin, slaves and abomination.
  • Central doomrocket engineer to be able to hit the biggest blocks in the center.
Possible changes:
  • Against many flanking units the furnace would move in one step to the center, avoiding being baited out to the flank by having to pursue/overrun.
  • Doomwheel may freely be placed where enemy monsters/chariots are placed, or where many small units are, being able to catch them with its random move.
  • The globadiers may be placed to block off enemy scouting positions.
So you see, when I come to a game I can deploy rather quickly, and have rather good stability even if the enemy were to seriously outnumber my deployments.

So this post got rather long, sorry for that. Next time you have your army ahead of you, try to deploy it in your ideal formation just on a table. Perhaps you have to many units that need inspiring presence and cannot fit? Perhaps your flaming banner unit ( Oh come on, you have one ) is to important to your battleline to be put on a flank where a monster might be?

I promise you, it pays off to put some thought into this.

Thank me later


Sunday, April 10, 2011

2.5k vs. Warriors of Chaos

Yesterday I tried out my list against some warriors down at the gaming club. He brought quite a unique list:

  • lvl4 shadow
  • khorne hero on jugger
  • khorne hero on jugger
  • khorne bsb on jugger
  • 24? tzeentch warriors - raptorous standard
  • 24? khorne warriors - flaming banner
  • 5 hounds
  • warshrine
  • warshrine
  • 7 knights
  • hellcannon

We rolled for the scenario per the coming tournament and got banners. Meaning we would compete for 0-16bp via victory points and 4bp to the player with most banners in the end.

I was initially quite worried about the hellcannon blasting my big things. Also, how would I destroy his three champions on juggers with 5 hounds giving them some protection.

As i turned out he depolyed from left to right: knights, khorne warriors, warshrine, juggerheroes, tzeentch warriors with lvl4, warshrine, hellcannon. I deployed tightly with my furnace heading for the knights, my abomination heading for the lvl4/tzeentch warriors, slave against his juggers and doomwheel to his hellcannon.

He made two mistakes during deployment which I was eager to capitalize on. Firstly, he set his lvl4 with tzeentch warriors without any fleeing options, as there was a building splitting his force. I sent my abomination for the unit straight away, and he promptly moved the lvl4 away fearing to be smashed by the abomb - only to be turned into a rat by the thirteenth spell. Secondly, he wanting to protect his cannon set it up on its own in the corner. This however opened up for the doomwheel heading for it unopposed and promptly inflicting 3 st10 d6 wound-hits on the thing, blasting it to bits.

The jugger heroes tried to split charge, two against my slaves that I've moved up, and one against my 5 globadiers in the way of my bell. The globadiers responded soundly by inflicting two wounds on the hero, killing him as he came charging, then they kept lobbing globes at the heroes in combat with the slaves. The chaos knights got a engineer in front of them, charging him and overrunning into my furnace, which killed 5 of them sending the others running.

In the end my doomwheel accounted for the hellcannon and both of the warshrines sweeping the backside of the warriors army with lightning flaring.

The khorne warriors were late in for combat and got charged by furnace and stormvermin, and got their toughness reduced by wither. They were cut down to two men and were killed.

The tzeentch warriors did nothing to the abomb whilst it killed every last one of them.

The game ended quickly and left a resounding 20-0 victory in my favour. I lost a slave unit my mortar, a cannon (both to misfire), my priest on the furnace of course and some engineers proudly dying the name of greater good.

The real MVP of the game were the doomwheel, taking out the hard supporting units and saving my army from those horrifying hellcannon blasts. Honourable mention goes to the globadiers who killed on hero and wounding the other two. It was fun game though which came down to some early misdeployment from my opponent in addition to my skaven being perhaps a hard match-up from the start.

Looking forward to more battles!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Army list - 2.5k try-out

Yep, so tomorrow I'll play my first game in our local running WHFB-league. You can play any points-value you want, but my focus ( as many others ) is to try out my 2.5k list for the big tournament here in may. I think I'll share the list with you.

Its really about big things and little crap. I kicked my gutter runners in favor of 2 5man globadier units, solely on the basis of coolness, but I think they'll do quite OK for their points. It also frees up some points for other things. My main focus have become taking cool things, so I'm eager to see how the army can perform.

I also got my ordered movement trays from back-2-bas-ix in australia. Laser cut mdf-board trays for a good price. Oh how I love them, rock hard, precise trays.

Anyways here's the list:

  • Grey Seer, Bell, Power stone
  • BSB, halberd
  • Plague priest, furnace, scroll, ironcurse icon, flail
  • Engineer, doomrocket
  • Engineer
  • Engineer
  • 30 Clanrats, Shields, Full Command, Plague wind mortar
  • 30 Stormvermin, Full Command, Storm Banner
  • 39 Slaves, shields, musician
  • 39 Slaves, shields, musician
  • 5 Globadiers
  • 5 Globadiers
  • 30 Plague monks, Full Command, Flame Banner
  • Warp-lightning cannon
  • Warp-lightning cannon
  • Abomination
  • Doomwheel
I'm currently wondering if I should trade my PWM for a warpfire thrower or 5 plague censers.

Anyway. I'll let you know how it goes.

PS. Some army photos is soon to come up, perhaps from the game tomorrow.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Painted: PWM & Engineer

Some more stuff's just out from the warpforges. Namely a Poisoned Wind Mortar and a engineer.
The engineer is a kitbash from stormverming and the IoB-set. He will be one of my naked warlocks for the army.

Anyway. I'm quite happy with how everything turned out. C & C are always welcome :)

On a side note, my local gaming club will be hosting a running league with players playing one game a week until the grand tournament here in may. I will be trying out my list with great interest. I'll also post some thoughts and battle reports.

PS. last week I bought and built an abomination, a furnace and a warp cannon. This army won't be easy to transport!