Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whiskey and Whiskers

So yesterday I participated in a 1500p team event, including dresscode, fancy food and
beverages. The team part consisted of teams choosing match-ups via ETC style and then the thress battles tournament points were added to get a team total. My team consisted of my skaven, infantry-heavy dark elves and beastmen with a doombull of death. Overall the event
was incredible fun, but exhausting.

The list I brought to the event was:

- crown of command
- sword of might
- dragonhelm
- shield

- rat hound bodyguard, tail weapon
- potion of strength

Battle standarde chieftain
- shield

Warlock engineer
- lvl. 2
- doomrocket
- condenser

30 Clanrats
- shield, musician, standard
- ratling gun

10 Stormvermin
- musician
- ratling gun

35 Slaves
- shield, musician

35 Slaves
- shield, musician

5 Giant rats
- 1 packmaster

2 Rat ogres
- master bred
- handler

5 Gutter runners
- slings, poison

1 Warplightning cannon

1 Doomwheel

So, without further delay I'll give a brief overview of the battles:

Battle 1 - Brettonia - 13-7

The first battle was against the brets with to buses of knights, one of which had 3 characters in the front. He also had trebuchet, bowmen and some pegasus knights.

He sets up his army with his guns in the middle and the knights off on the right. I counter by putting my doomwheel at the right and all my blocks in the middle. The thought was to lur away the character funbus away from my army to let me pick the rest apart, as he cannot leave the doomwheel crashing about hid flank/rear. I also scout with some gutter runners in reach of the trebuchet, he vanguards his pegasus knights in front of them to protect it.
I start by pushing by army forward in a sweeping arc, keeping the knights on the flank well within sight. I try my hardest to pick out the pegasi, but to my frustration i only manage a single wound between my warplightning and my poison slings. He charges them and losing one killed off my runners. In his turn he charges my rat ogres with the pegasi and charging the doomwheel with his funbus. The rat ogres fails miserably and is killed, the pegasi were invincible!
The doomwheel of course, dies.
I declare charges with two of my main blocks against his knights of the realm and he decides to flee. He then realized his mistake when my forward placed rat dart declared a charge and the whole unit fled overboard. Yay!
to make a long story short, my engineer blows up, my cannon blows up, and my slaves tie his funbus up. A slave unit with assassin goes through the bowmen and terbuchet. The ratling guns killed the pegasi and then began smattering the funbus. The rat dart also managed a charge at his damsel wich fled off the table. Good investment those 23 points... In the end he has a few models left but my slaves and shooting manage to kill off two of the characters.

I pull off a win, but since I gave to much points away it only settles at 13-7. I was never really worried at any point during the match, save for the invincible pegasi, which luckily got mowed down. The scenario was capture, which I got the points for.

Battle 2 - Brettonia - 10-10

Another bret this time up. A very similiar list to the first one, but a men at arms unit instead of pegasi.

His set up is a true refused flank on the right, with bowmen and trebuchet in the corner. I deploy in the same manner as the first match. I start the game by moving forward midfield and by sneaking my runners behind his lines for some shots at the trebuchet an general mayhem. He turns his men at arms around to face them and I had the option of charging the bowmen in the side at 13" or a knight unit without characters in the side at 7". To afraid to lose my runners with hidden assassin I didnt dare charging the bowmen although it would have been awesome. I drink the strength potion and charge the nights revealing the assassin. Magic and shooting does little, the cannon blows up...
The assassin kills off thre knights and two runners fell. I lose by one ( damn musician! ) and though rerolling decides to flee. He turn the knights around moving around a house and trying to get to the assassin while keeping away from my blocks which are all almost in his lap. His character funbus kills the doomwheel. This gets repetitive right?
Anyway i move up, locks the funbus with slaves, destroys the men at arms, bowmen and the trebuchet, whilst keeping fire at the funbus with the slaves. Later on his regular knights charge my clanrats, and between my warlord and rat attacks his unit is broken and one model runs away with half his units cost still alive, grumble. The funbus is reduced to one rank and file two characters with one one left and one wholly alive. Though the battle field is truly dominated by rats, his characters and the single surviving rank and file gives him a draw.

The scenario was point of despair, since none was broken, both got 2 points for that. I'm a little dissatisfied not getting the last of the frenchmen, but it was a good game. My cannon still hasn't killed anything but himself still. I really hoped it to perform against the brettonians. But what can you do?

Battle 3 - High Elves - 18-2

He set up a big unit of seaguard, archers and a unit of phoenix guard with caradryan and a lvl.3 book-wielding mage along with some eagles.

He starts off by moving forward, and then realizes he is out of range with his spells, then decides to roll 6 dice att drain magic. 1,2,3,4,5,6 which i then dispelled with a double six. Take that elven magic!

I roll up, doomwheel killing a eagle, gutter runners the same. I warpgale to worsen shooting and ground the eagles, tohugh they were soon dead so they were grounded anyway. Then fires off a doomrocket which hit the very center of the seaguards, killing 15, leaving 5 left which tried to make a suicide run at my clanrat unit with engineer only to find an assassin there. Later I double charge the archers which had a line of runner leading the fleeing unit off board. i charge his phoenix guard with my rat ogres for some shots at the mage, killing him and then being run down in return. this brought his unit in to my thinned down slave unit wiht bsb, which were dispatched in short order. My cannon gets some wound off his phoenix guard which were starting to becom manageable. The phoenic guard failing to charge my cannon in the last turn then gets charged in the rear and flank by clanrats, slaves, warlord and assassin. They died. The elves find themselves wiped in the very last turn.

18-2 to the rats.

Battle 4 - Ogre Kingdoms - 19-1

The last battle was against a very good friend of mine which fielded some random ogres, a giant and a tyrant with wizarding hat(!). He rolls off getting spirit leech for this assassination scenario -rats! i deploy my characters off to my right while trying to divert his tyrant to the left with my stormvermin. My doomwheel tries to get a charge at some bulls, only to roll 5 and shooting slaves instead. It then got double charged, broken and fled to safety. He dont manage to overrun into my character unit. My two ratogres smashed into the ironguts flank, killing and overrunning into his bulls and killing them also. My giant rats holds his giant for two rounds by him yelling and brawling ( no thunderstomp ) and then falling. Which helps me delay his arrival. It is then shot and killed by warplightning and doomwheel. In the meantime my clanrat unit is fighting his large irongut unit with tyrant, only that they have been halved in number by skaven shooting, mainly the ratling guns. He smashes me but I hold. Only to pop out my assassin, with potion of strength and giving the unit ( and assassin! ) deathfrenzy. The assassin goes ahead and dispatches the tyrant and the unit is killed and broken. The only remaining unit is his bsb backed by a stubborn lending maneater fighting slaves. What does that mean? Yeah, two ratling guns, poison slings, and warplightning later they die.

So, this leads to giving the rats a 19-1 and not succumbing to one lost character in this assassination scenario. Got to keep that spirit leech in check.

All in all this leads me to a grand total of 60 tournament points. The only downside was that my fellow team mates manages to gather 75 tp between them. Giving us a 135 tp and a secon place amongst the 8 teams present. Great!

I really never felt worried during the match-up selection, which was great. Giving me afeeling that the skaven really is an all-corners list. Also going undefeated through my first real gametest with the skaven hints for a great future.

Some thoughts of the list:
  • The crown was really unnecessary, thogh it was a points filler.
  • The doomwheel is more of a threat than it is a killer. The opponents
    must react to it or else it will run rampant.It is not really hard to break though.
  • The ratling guns really impressed me. Their long range, their ( sort of ) reliability give them an edge. Firing into slave combat, without killing slaves is also nice. The lower points cost is also a plus.
  • The assassin was a great fun to play with! Though real hard to use points effectively, he really has potential. Give that unit of slaves death frenzy, only to boost his attacks with potion of strength to get of a whopping 6 st 7 rerollable poison attacks, plus two st 3 poison rerollable. Given, the tyrant didnt have a ward save, but wrestling down a tyrant is quite a feat for a skaven character.

I'll take pictures of my painted army during the day, so they'll come up shortly.


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