Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Slave labour

Cheers. I just wanted to inform you that the painting is almost finished. Just a half of a Slave unit left. I will try to finish them tomorrow. I'be been so busy painting Im behind taking pictures, but I will!

I just have to say that the rat ogres where truly a joy to paint. I'm itching for more of them...

As I've said in earlier posts I'm attending a 1500 p team tournament Saturday, and I need to be finished til then. I'll be joining forces with dark elves and empire. This tournament scene is truly a laid back one rather than a competitive, but I hope for some good games. I really long to try the skaven out for a walk.

You can expect to have some coverage and reports on the event, along with any insights regarding skaven and 8th edition.

This tournament marks the point where I'll start turning my attention to assembling a fun, competitive 2500 list. Expect a lot of in depth analysis of different units and overall synergy.


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  1. Good on you. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.