Friday, March 18, 2011

List thoughts after yesterday

Yeah, so yesterday I played a 2500p battle against my friend Marcus Dark elves. A a regular opponent you might say. The point was to get a feel of what units to get til' the tournament in May.

Well the game was complete chaos. After six rounds of improbable achievments from all parties there was a halved grey seer on a bell, a halved bsb, a wounded doomwheel and a slave unit and for the dark elves - the hero of the match, one cold one knight. I won't go in to details of my army list and what happened during the match this time. I rather point out some of my thoughts now, when the dust has settled.

  • Slaves - God, man. They are awesome. I will run three 40man units with shields. The 100 points for a unit that have a good amount of bodies and dish out 10 s3 each round plus the fact that you can shoot, magic their foes. I have realized that against other weak/medium core troops they might actually go victorious out of a combat due to their numbers. The only backside is that if my general is killed, they will be worthless at ld 2 + SiN.
  • Storm banner - I'm itching to leave it at home and bring some more of my own shooting. I only really need it for cannon protection for my bell. I'd rather take my chances, perhaps.
  • Shooting - I wonder if I will try to use 2 plague wind mortars and some globadiers with death globes + engineer with deat globe. They are additional deployments and can really give some surprises. Especially with that engineer for that double death globe fun. As a bonus, engineers gain the skismisher special rule whilst joined which means that marching doomrocket and deat globe - if needed. Without storm banner you can start fire the mortars on turn one.
  • The Abomination - I'm still split on this one. He's good, but really doesn't fit my play style - which is a very much more controlled engagement approach. I find that my biggest reason now for me to take him is the amazing model and for taking cannon balls for my bell. I'd much rather have a Doomwheel more - I love them! Especially their versatility as mobile shooting platform/chariot/flank protection. This frees up some more points too --- decicions...
  • The Bell - It's really hard with the general fixed in place like that, though I think he serves a bit like point denial. Its OK, no more no less. Frustrating though that it rang completely out of timing yesterday - firing scorch when only monsters were left and trying to destroy all those non-existent t7 stuff. Though it is the results that are probable and good. Though not yesterday.
  • The plague priest - I'll kick him, and give the dispel scroll to the seer instead. I find him a good choice, but with so much points in the bell I need the points for more units.
  • Giant rats - Namely units of 5 with handler. I think I will need about 4. 23 points for a fast diverter or for hunting war machines or just whatever. More deployments none the less.

I will try to revise my list and play some more games.

Back again soon. Soon done with all my stormvermin - awesome models!

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