Monday, February 28, 2011

Wheel of Fortune?

Hi again. Back again with some visual reports of my progressing army. I've finished up with a slave unit and a Doomwheel. I'm quite enamoured by the Doomwheel model, I really like the idea of an engineer on crack (read warpstone fumes) driving an enormous hamster wheel. Its so skaven-esque.

I tried out some vivid greens for the Doomwheels warpstone and source lighting. I'm really pleased with the sick green color that I've achieved and that will be the model for all other warpstone items in my army.

The paints I used for painting warpstone is:
knarloc green
devlan mud
knarloc green
vallejos version of bilious green
mix in som sunburst yellow in the bilious for some extra magical shine.

Please fell free tom leave comments and criticism about the painting. As I've mentioned i will add base scenery after the tournament at saturday, and some other details highlighting.

I also had a practice game this afternoon against dark elves. It was crazy. Lessons learned:
don't be tempted to flank charge enemies combatting the slaves, shoot! I always seem to be too
tempted to save them early, while they actually will be staying put for some time. The Doomrocket is awesome. The doomwheel caused mayhem to both armies, killing knights , rat ogres and misfiring out of control through a forest into my slaves, never think you have control over it, put your rat ogres on your opposite side of the board... However the dark elves pulled off a minor victory I'm glad to learn my new armies abilities.

Anyways here's some pictures:


  1. Great new blog. I'll be following with interest.

    Love the Slaves

  2. Yeah I'm into this as well, you're giving me a lot of inspiration for my own skaven!