Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A storm is coming

The painting is coming along just fine, and the pace is at a good level. Though there's a lot left it feels like I'm starting to get an army, which is inspiring. I also like the feel of the miniatures and paintjob although I might give the army som extra highlights and fancier basejob before the 2,5k tournament here in the end of may.

This is how the painting is faring:

30 clanrats
10 stormvermin
15 slaves
1 warlord

55 slaves
2 ratling guns ( I'll use the warp-grinder model for these )
3 characters
12 gutter runners
warplightning cannon
6 giant rats

So I think I'll make it to next saturday :)

For now, I bring you, stormvermin:

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