Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The rats are coming!

It was sure a while since I figured I would start a skaven army and made up this blog. Though there've been a radio silence here, now the army is truly due!

Well there's a team tournament coming up on 5th of March and though my lizardmen and OnG have been more than faithful to me, they both have seen their fair share of games. I didn't really got the spirit going for this tournament, until I decided I would raise a skaven army 'til then that is.

So, quick quick to the drawing board I went and scribbled down a 1500p list which I seemed comfortable with and away for some test matches - and zam! I'm hooked.

The only catch is that there is only two and a half weeks to the tournament and I've got 140 something models to paint! Nothing like a good challenge I say.

Yesterday I was down at the local gaming club and painted my first batch of clanrats. 19 finished models was the result! The GW washes sure are something. Enough of my chittering, this is how they looked before washing and after plus some higlights.

More pictures will be added rapidly in this blog in the near future. Stay tuned for my finished clanrat block and my thoughts on skaven army lists.

May the rats emerge!

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