Saturday, February 19, 2011

The ratpack

Hi again. I've been quite busy these last couple of days, not to mention my exam and project at the university...

Anyway. I've glued, flocked and sprayed quite a bit, but most importantly my first unit is ready. I must say I'm quite satisfied. As I am under a tight schedule here, I may possibly go over the army later for further higlights and touch-ups.

Though the painting goes well, I have been having second thoughts on my army list. More specifically if I should buy a Doomwheel instead an Abomination, is poison worth it on my gutter runners, do I need another unit of gutter runners, and which weapon teams should I use?

I guess I'll just save those problems for later...

Anyways here's the unit! The basing isn't quite done though

Until next time...

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