Monday, February 28, 2011

Wheel of Fortune?

Hi again. Back again with some visual reports of my progressing army. I've finished up with a slave unit and a Doomwheel. I'm quite enamoured by the Doomwheel model, I really like the idea of an engineer on crack (read warpstone fumes) driving an enormous hamster wheel. Its so skaven-esque.

I tried out some vivid greens for the Doomwheels warpstone and source lighting. I'm really pleased with the sick green color that I've achieved and that will be the model for all other warpstone items in my army.

The paints I used for painting warpstone is:
knarloc green
devlan mud
knarloc green
vallejos version of bilious green
mix in som sunburst yellow in the bilious for some extra magical shine.

Please fell free tom leave comments and criticism about the painting. As I've mentioned i will add base scenery after the tournament at saturday, and some other details highlighting.

I also had a practice game this afternoon against dark elves. It was crazy. Lessons learned:
don't be tempted to flank charge enemies combatting the slaves, shoot! I always seem to be too
tempted to save them early, while they actually will be staying put for some time. The Doomrocket is awesome. The doomwheel caused mayhem to both armies, killing knights , rat ogres and misfiring out of control through a forest into my slaves, never think you have control over it, put your rat ogres on your opposite side of the board... However the dark elves pulled off a minor victory I'm glad to learn my new armies abilities.

Anyways here's some pictures:

Friday, February 25, 2011

The bigger the better

While further contemplating my army list, I have gotten the feeling I need another flanking unit. Atm my only one is the Doomwheel, which may well be out on its own duties and cannot be relied upon to be there for my main line. Sure, gutter runners can pull off a flank charge but are not a durable option, and cannot make a dent in armoured foes. I really like the gutter runners, but I think I'll drop one unit to make way for a unit of Rat ogres.

My army are quite agile and have decent shooting, but when locked in combat, they might struggle to deal with the enemy. The skaven can hold, and even shoot at the slaves opponents, but you really need something to bump that combat and win. Otherwise the units will surely be grinded down, not to mention my characters.

I think I'll try a unit of 2 rat ogres, one of them being a master-bred. The master bred is really a great upgrade. In addition to having +1 ws/a/in, it also makes the unit more durable by forcing opponents to distributing wounds between them. A plus is that the master-bred is very capable of winning a underdog challenge with his 5 st5 attacks + stomp.

103 points for 9 s 5 attacks + 2 stomps and a s3 att is a good investment for helping my other blocks out. You'll need to keep them within bsb and/or the general for a sort of control over their frenzy or stupidity.

The main tactic with these would be to hang back a little, keeping in potential flank arcs and not committing to units I don't wont them to. These guys wont survive a frontal charge at anything but the smallest units. Their ini of 4/5 is great for making sure those attacks get to hit and will sure count, especially when fighting other monstrous infantry.

Oh, and did I mention the IoB models look really great! Reason enough to get them.

I still have one gutter unit left still to potentially hide my assassin, which is nice.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A storm is coming

The painting is coming along just fine, and the pace is at a good level. Though there's a lot left it feels like I'm starting to get an army, which is inspiring. I also like the feel of the miniatures and paintjob although I might give the army som extra highlights and fancier basejob before the 2,5k tournament here in the end of may.

This is how the painting is faring:

30 clanrats
10 stormvermin
15 slaves
1 warlord

55 slaves
2 ratling guns ( I'll use the warp-grinder model for these )
3 characters
12 gutter runners
warplightning cannon
6 giant rats

So I think I'll make it to next saturday :)

For now, I bring you, stormvermin:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Your doom is coming man-things!

As always, when a tournament is around the corner I tend to never be satisfied with my army list and tweaks and changes all the time. Initially i went for a quite straight-forward aproach and brought two warp-fire throwers an abomination a bsb, warlord and engineer and two small groups of giant rats. Though it would suerly be playable I prefer the more subtle approach, relying on bringing an element of unkown and deviating from the standard expected army.

With this in mind I made following up:

  • Warlord - blade of corruption, dragonhelm, potion of toughness, charmed shield
  • Chieftain - bsb, shield, banner of eternal flame
  • Engineer - lvl2, doomrocket
  • Assassin - tail w, rat hound, potion of strength
  • 30 Clanrats, shield, champion, mus, std, ratling gun
  • 35 Slaves, shield, mus
  • 35 Slaves, shield, mus
  • 10 Stormvermin, mus, ratling gun
  • 6 Gutter runners, slings, poison
  • 6 Gutter runners, slings, poison
  • Warplightning cannon
  • Doomwheel
I'll elaborate on some choices.

Assassin: Ireally would like to try him out, as he gives me many different tactical options. With many poisoned attacks, with potion of strength he can deal with many different foes. He can scout, enter via table edge or hide with anyone of my units. An inexperienced opponent might be distracted by the hidden assassin, not knowing what to expect. Thought I believe the assassin synergize with gutter runners to be able to pull off some flank charges and run riot amongst supporting units.

Gutter runners: Bring the poison! These guys can march 12" and shoot twice 18". As well as being able to charge flanks, supporting units, scout and deploy via the opponents back table edge these guys are never out of place. A minus though is the points cost and the low leadership.

Ratling guns: I like the warpfire, but not the points cost and the high possiblity of destroying itself and rats around it. The ratling gun however is a more stable option, with not to high of a risk of going boom, with a lower points cost. The ratling guns main target is supporting units instead of massed infantry. Also a sneaky trick is to join a ratling gun with bsb with flaming banner for removing that regeneration on that hydra! Risky, but sneaky...

Doomwheel: Though the doomwheel have lost some oommf in respect to the abomination which has gotten thunderstomp, I still believe it has its uses. Mainly for catching supporting units with its random move, and blasting monsters which otherwise can stomp the squeek out of my infantry. Coupled with the warplightning cannon and a healthy amount of poison I believe I have a good chance of taking out supporting monsters.

Main strategy here is to overwhelm the enemys supporting units and monsters and then move up with my infantry and get in som nice flank charges with my assassin, gutter runners and doomwheel. All my characters are rather weak, but should be able to survive two rounds of combat at least, and I better help my units out or my characters and main battleline will be overun in short order. Never expect the skaven battleline to break enemy units! However if that happens, I might be able to hide with my supporting units to save some valuable points. Sometimes you might actually pull off a draw or even a win, by fleeing and getting away with your units. Especially against low unit armies like warriors of chaos.

I'm very eager to try this list out. Will it bend or break?

End rant/

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The ratpack

Hi again. I've been quite busy these last couple of days, not to mention my exam and project at the university...

Anyway. I've glued, flocked and sprayed quite a bit, but most importantly my first unit is ready. I must say I'm quite satisfied. As I am under a tight schedule here, I may possibly go over the army later for further higlights and touch-ups.

Though the painting goes well, I have been having second thoughts on my army list. More specifically if I should buy a Doomwheel instead an Abomination, is poison worth it on my gutter runners, do I need another unit of gutter runners, and which weapon teams should I use?

I guess I'll just save those problems for later...

Anyways here's the unit! The basing isn't quite done though

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The rats are coming!

It was sure a while since I figured I would start a skaven army and made up this blog. Though there've been a radio silence here, now the army is truly due!

Well there's a team tournament coming up on 5th of March and though my lizardmen and OnG have been more than faithful to me, they both have seen their fair share of games. I didn't really got the spirit going for this tournament, until I decided I would raise a skaven army 'til then that is.

So, quick quick to the drawing board I went and scribbled down a 1500p list which I seemed comfortable with and away for some test matches - and zam! I'm hooked.

The only catch is that there is only two and a half weeks to the tournament and I've got 140 something models to paint! Nothing like a good challenge I say.

Yesterday I was down at the local gaming club and painted my first batch of clanrats. 19 finished models was the result! The GW washes sure are something. Enough of my chittering, this is how they looked before washing and after plus some higlights.

More pictures will be added rapidly in this blog in the near future. Stay tuned for my finished clanrat block and my thoughts on skaven army lists.

May the rats emerge!